In excel, some particular mathematical operators are assigned to particular mathematical function. List of such Mathematical Operators is as follow:

Steps to enter Formula:

  1. Take an example that you have written values in cell no A1 and B1 and now you want their sum in Cell C2.
  1. For entering a formula in cell C2, first and foremost step is to Write “=” in cell C2. Remember that, no formula in excel will ever work, if it is not preceded by “=”.
  1. So the formula will become, “=A1+B1”.

  1. Same steps are to be repeated for Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division and to raise a number to exponential power.

Steps to use/ enter other formulas:

  1. Keeping the above mentioned mathematical calculations aside, Excel can be used for advanced calculations and mathematics functions. To use such formulas, go to formula tab.
  1. Click on the type of the formula you want to use.
  • Financial: – List of Financial Formulas. Like Net Present Value, IRR etc.
  • Logical: – List of formulas used for Logics. They have no mathematics significance. They are for checking the logic of the statement.
  • Text: – These formulas are related to formatting of the text mainly and some other small purposes. Some example of text formulas is Upper, which convert all text into upper case and Lower which convert all given text into lower case.
  • Date & Time: – These formulas are related to date and time as name suggest. Like you want to Years between two dates, or days between two dates, then you will use Date and time functions.
  • Lookup & Reference: – Lookup and reference are used to look up for the values inside the worksheet and similar functions.
  • Maths and Trigonometric functions: – Most used functions in excel that is maths and trigonometric formulas can be used from this option.

More Functions: – All other Formulas like statistical, engineering etc.

  1. Let’s take example that we want to calculate average, we will go to More Functions> Statistical > Average. On clicking such a pop up window will open.
  1. Now you can input each and every entry individually or simply select the entire range of whose average you want by clicking the above mentioned button.
  2. These popup windows will mention requirement and by filling that, you can successfully apply the formula.

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