Something like this will appear on your screen. To show Gridlines, two methods can be used.

By Page Layout Tab

  1. Go to Page Layout > Sheet Options > Gridlines.

  1. Select view option under Gridline option and gridlines will appear.

By View Tab

  1. Go to View > Show.

  1. Select gridlines and Gridlines will appear.

Sometimes we don’t want gridlines to appear on the whole sheet; we want gridlines on some selected portion only. For this we have to use cell border option is to be applied.

To Apply Cell Border

  1. Go to the workbook where you want to show selected gridlines/cell border and select the portion for which you want border to be displayed.
  1. Then Go to Home > Font. Select the option mentioned below.
  1. This will open a drop down menu like this
  1. Select the kind off border you need and it will be applied to the selected portion only. Moreover such applied border will be automatically printed. There will no extra requirement to print such border.

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