What is Moon in Scorpio attracted to?

She enjoys lighting a candle, putting on some romantic music and curling up on a couch with you, which is her invitation to make love. If Your Moon or Venus are in Scorpio – You’re attracted to an intense, passionate and strong-willed woman who seems both mysterious and powerful.

Why is Scorpio so attracted to Aquarius?

Scorpio and Aquarius get along because they are both odd, highly creative, and secretly emotional. They need to take things slow. Taking things slow is the key to making this pair work.

Is Scorpio and Aquarius a good match?

Generally speaking, Aquarius and Scorpio do not make a good match. The intense attraction that is felt between Scorpio and Aquarius usually leads to a great relationship life which is one of the reasons your relationship can be successful. The Scorpio is famous for its insatiable relationship drive so you had better put out or get out.

Do Scorpio Moons get jealous?

Moon in Scorpio folk tend to feel things much more deeply and much more intensely than most other people. However, their deep-seated insecurities make Moon in Scorpio individuals very susceptible to jealousy, and they can be extremely emotionally manipulative at times.

Is Scorpio moon attractive?

Those with a Scorpio Moon have an intensity about them that emanates like an electric field. They may not be the most attractive person in the room, but you can tell there is something about them that is different and draws attention. Since your Moon Sign rules your emotions, having a Scorpio Moon will be a handful.

Why is a Scorpio Moon bad?

Those with the moon in Scorpio often try to act cool and under control, but there’s a brooding intensity below the surface. They experience intense feelings, which they often fear to express. This makes even intimate friends and family reluctant to probe too deeply.

Is Scorpio a moon child?

Your child is a Scorpio Moon: Scorpio is a water sign and associated with intense emotional behaviour. Scorpio Moon children are a challenge to parents because their emotions run very deep. Like other water Moons, they feel vulnerable and quickly hurt, therefore needing all the love and care which they can get.

How do you know a Scorpio Moon likes you?

The Scorpio Moon is capable of a deep and intense quality of love. When they love you, they throw their whole being into relating with you. Scorpio Moons also have their own subtle and sometimes difficult to understand emotional language: deep, intense, yearning, but changeable and sensitive.

Is Scorpio Moon a bad placement?

It is a difficult place for the Moon but I wouldn’t trade mine for any other position. We are very brave, strong people. It’s a strength not necessarily physical but emotional, a sureness of oneself and one’s capabilities to survive in the word.

What happens when you hurt a Scorpio Moon?

The Moon doesn’t like to be in Scorpio. It’s its least comfortable sign because scorpio feels emotions very deeply already and in the planet of inner feelings everything runs just that bit deeper. If you hurt or offend any person with a Scorpio moon they will hurt quite hard and not be willing to forgive so easily.

What is the difference between Scorpio Sun and Scorpio Moon?

The sun sign is more apparent to others, while the moon sign is felt more on the inside. This makes a Scorpio sun a more shallow, outward representation of the sign than the Scorpio moon, which has more depth and is felt more on the inside. Scorpios have big egos.

Can a Scorpio Moon forgive?

Scorpio moons may forgive, but they’ll never forget. Actually, they might not forgive at all. They have a low threshold for taking crap. If you do bad by them, it will take a lot of groveling to make it right.

How do you control a Scorpio Moon?

Scorpio Moon person will benefit a lot from having a small ritual every day(like a short prayer) in which he/she sends love and forgiveness to the person or event that caused him/her grief or resentment. If you cannot visualize that, then just ask every night God/Your High Self/Christ within you, to do this for you.

How do you say sorry to a Scorpio?

Be sincere. You can fool some people but if you are smart you will not try it with an angry Scorpio. Apologize sincerely and without condition. Scorpio will spot a fake or insincere apology faster than an Aries will spot a diamond, so don’t risk being hit with the infamous scorpion stinger by being insincere.

Why do Scorpios give silent treatment?

The “silent treatment”—communicating one’s displeasure with someone by pointedly ignoring him or not speaking to him—is not a behavior restricted to those with Sun in Scorpio, but it is a behavior typical of people who have certain placements of the sign Scorpio or the planet Pluto in their birth chart, especially in

How do you break a Scorpio silence?

Here’s what to do when a Scorpio ignores you:
  1. Give them space. When they first start ignoring you it’s important to give them some time alone.
  2. Don’t make things about you.
  3. Keep your emotions controlled.
  4. Reach out to them.
  5. Move on.
  6. Show them how it feels.

How do Scorpios act when hurt?

Scorpios are not “crazy,” but they are super-sensitive, extremely emotional, and very expressive. A Scorpio takes that same slight — but when hurt, a Scorpio might cry and sob and need a shoulder to cry on — but they may also drag you out back, slit your throat and wear your skin to make themselves feel better.

Do Scorpios like to play mind games?

However, a Scorpio man has some characteristics that emerge to the surface when he falls in love. A Scorpio man can test his partner a lot, like hiding stuffs and playing games; mostly the latter. Checkers, Candy Crush, Spades, and even mind games; he just likes playing any games both literally and hypothetically.