Default browsing settings on your Google Chrome allow all kinds of websites and ads to show up while you are browsing.

In certain cases that could lead to an infestation of your computer system with malware; in other cases, it could also lead to children seeing inappropriate content when they use the computer and browse different sitesFor such reasons blocking out inappropriate content and sites is necessary on Google Chrome.

  1. Make Setting Changes for All Websites

This can be done for your computer as well as Chrome app that you use in a tablet or Android phone.

  • In order to make setting changes for all sites, go to the address bar and on the right tap on More Settings.
  • Here you will find advanced option.
  • Once the advanced settings are found you can tap on the permission you wish to update.
  1. Making Changes for a Specific Website

This is also possible to achieve on Chrome, whether you are using the app or using the desktop version. If you wish to block or allow permissions for a certain website the following setting changes need to be done.

  • Open the app or browser platform.
  • Visit the website whose permissions you wish to change.
  • Once the website has opened, tap on More Info that is found on the right corner of the address bar.
  • Under site settings you can make changes using Permissions section; however, this might not be made available for every site.
  1. Block Popups in Google Chrome

Often inappropriate content could be in the form of pop up ads. In order to block pop-ups from appearing in Chrome do the following.

  • Open the web browser platform.
  • Find Settings under More section on the top right-hand corner.
  • Click on Advanced at the bottom of the menu that comes.
  • Content settings can be found under Privacy and security.
  • Here you will find redirects and Pop-ups; if you click on the same you will find settings for blocking or allowing Popups.
  1. Parental Controls on Chrome

This is another feature that Chrome offers when you wish to supervise what your children see when they browse the internet.

  • The settings for user accounts can be manipulated to block out certain websites for one to access.
  • The changes can be done by setting up user accounts for your children and blocking out certain websites that they cannot visit when they are online.

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