If you are just trying to check online service, that is, take a quick look, it is not wise to give away sensitive information about your credit card for the sake of verification.

This is used for verifying mostly the age of the user, for say, adult websites, casinos, and such sites. Also, when you want to check any paid subscriptions trial period, you need to provide these details. Here we shall see 7 tricks that can help us do it without giving away the details.

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  1. Using Fake Information – Works

There are online sites where you can see how they will use some fake numbers and details and trick the system to believing that the verification details are valid, and then your verification step is completed.

  • There are websites that help you generate complete valid credit card information for trials.
  • You can choose your card types, such as MasterCard (https://www.mastercard.us/en-us.html) or Discover and number of cards and so on.
  • They are 100% free; have working details on all parts like “CVV”, “Expiration Date”, and more.
  • It is actually a virtual credit card with no money in it.
  1. If the Card is Valid – System

It is known that all credit cards of companies if you look closely follow a system. That is how one validates a card online. When the validation happens, they check for the type of information and now actually make a transaction with your bank.

  • The system above helps you or anybody on the internet to check if a card is valid.
  • There are several free websites that allow you to check whether a given credit card is valid or not.
  • This does not mean that this card has money or any transaction can be done with it. It just means that the “Format of Numbers”, “CVV”, etc. match the desired type.
  1. Using Fake Credit Cards – Virtual Cards

As mentioned above on how blog you can use fake information like hexadecimal codes and number style to trick the system that your card is valid, you can use directly the virtual cards generated by the above system.

  • You can go to any popular credit card generator and get your valid credentials.
  • You can use them for your trial period checking, trying out a service, for example, and just leave at that.
  • That way, you are not doing apart with your sensitive information for every now and then age verification checks.
  1. Where it will Work – Where it will Fail?

Where you want to age verify on a website that is simply storing them for future billing, as they usually claim, you can bypass the age or other verification processes easily. There are some caveats though.

  • If your website, instantly tries to validate the card from the bank, it will surely fail.
  • It only passes the checks for a valid credit card based on the structure of information like “Card Number”, “CVV”, “Expiration Date” and more.
  • Many cards like JCB, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club are all supported and generated from these websites.
  1. Using Site-Specific Accounts

For example, you could give away your credit card info for age verification, but at many websites, there are some other methods too. If you can exploit them, then you can simply bypass the credit card phenomena completely.

  • For example, some websites already have free username and passwords that you can use to simply log in and use that website, watch videos or use the services.
  • This means, that you didn’t have to bypass just the age, but use a completely made up account for a brief period.
  • These are site-specific tricks, and do not work for all websites, and they are not guaranteed because they expire very quickly and are not useful later.
  1. Country-Specific Websites Age Verification

Now, there are several websites that are banned or restricted for age limits only in certain geographical locations. Many videos are specifically blocked for age restrictions.

  • If you are using a paid service and you give away the credit card info, your age is verified automatically.
  • But, you can also use some other tricks in such cases, for example, fake country IP addresses.
  • If you use a VPN, for example, you can fake your website from another country where the age-limits are not implemented legally.
  • In those countries, the site does not ask for an age-verification step.
  1. A Bag of All Tricks

Now, you can use a combination of these things to create your own fake account and then use that adult-age verified account everywhere else. In this, you can use your credit card generated with fake details and then use it elsewhere.

  • For example, a lot of websites these days use social media for login and using that to age-verify and other things verification.
  • You can create a fake account with fake details like emails and all, credit card too, and then use them elsewhere.
  • The best is always, to just provide the fake credit card info from generator sites and use and forget, so it saves you time and money.


  • The site-specific tricks like using accounts with username and passwords for famous popular sites that people have created and shared are not guaranteed.

The best way is to use a fake credit card for age verification, where you create a fake account, use it for some time and forget.

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