A school is a place where you come to learn and not to kill your curiosity. In order for you to get answers and not only that but numerous uses of internet services come handy. For instance, and now finally let’s see how we can actually bypass these unjust restrictions made on us. There are several ways of doing this so let’s hop on to them.

  1. Task Manager

If you are deprived of this knowledge it might just cause a hindrance. Henceforth what we need to do is get access to it for our sake. Google itself provides you with a wide variety of results in order to get all the information on a single topic. But it isn’t fair if this information is unavailable to you when you need it the most.

  • The task manager can be opened by the usual Ctrl-Alt-Delete combination but if due to some reasons it isn’t working you can also use the Ctrl-Shift-Esc shortcut.
  • There are other tools like task manager which can help you through this. These include Process Explorer, Process Hacker, hTop, ES File Explorer, Process Monitor, and System Explorer. You can also find codes to create your own task manager available over the internet.
  1. A Proxy Server

A proxy server is one of the types of servers that allow us to route through all of the internet traffic. It can be by far the most optimal option for our little problem. All you have to do is to configure your proxy settings.

  • This is highly useful when you have a high-speed internet connection and a close server ensuring the right settings.
  • Once you are done checking with all the rules, you can now safely use the Internet. Some of the proxy sites are SamAir, HideMyAss, inCloak, Proxynator.
  1. Running Software

This method can be used when you don’t want new software and is easier to implement. Another way of doing this is to use Safe mode.

  • Even if you’re good at Visual Basic coding then you will surely be able to rewrite the code in simpler applications. A New can be used to create your own run-able file with the extensions .exe, .cmd, .bat, .vbs.
  1. Customize it

Many schools just want to make accounts look alike and hence not even allowing you to change the theme, desktop, wallpaper, screensaver etc.

  • A simple method to overcome this is by using the ‘Windows Classic’ theme that allows you to change the colors of the desktop as per your desire.
  • Using this technique you can not only change the appearances of your computer but even those which are connected via the LAN of the school network.
  • Hence preventing those boring same old wallpapers you see day in and day out.
  1. Blocked Websites

There are certain ways that can be helpful to get around this kind of security measure and that is by using a circumventor like MouseMatrix.com.

  • Even if the given site is blocked you can give your own email address to the site and it’ll notify you every 3 to 4 days when a new site is released. If you prefer you can also make your own circumventor site if you think these websites get blocked way too fast.
  • Not everything mentioned in this page is going to work as per your wish there are certain restrictions that don’t even budge after using these tricks.
  • In such cases, the menus that can be opened can be helpful too. It may be that these restrictions might not be overcome easily but sooner is later you can find a way using Google itself.


Even though that providing this information still might put you at risk of getting access to what you probably shouldn’t because of the security measures taken already so I suggest that you use or only for an extent to where you need.

  • Firstly, we need to know why these restrictions are put up. Well, the obvious reason is for our own security.

There’s no harm in gaining full access to the internet when you need it for an informational purpose or keeping yourself active by playing a small game during your break.