What age can you give babies Gatorade?

For infants up to 10 months old, use Pedialyte® or Enfalyte®, Liquilytes® or generic electrolyte solution. For babies over 10 months of age, use: – Gatorade® or Sports drinks – Jell-O® – Popsicles® – Soup broth – Caffeine-free white soda such as Sprite®, 7Up®, or ginger ale.

Why should babies not have Gatorade?

Although the electrolytes in Gatorade do not pose a serious risk to healthy children, the sugar and calories in the drink can contribute to tooth decay and childhood obesity.

Can you give a baby Gatorade instead of Pedialyte?

Mild dehydration due to illness in children over 1 year old

You can also try giving your child water or ice chips. Electrolyte solutions like Pedialyte or Gatorade will help your child replace both fluids and electrolytes that have been lost.