The terms and conditions of Retro Fitness were updated in April 2018.

They mention that the use of online services of Retro Fitness means that you agree to their policiesAlso, they have the right to modify their policies anytime they wish to do so.

Currently, this members-only club is accessible at over 150 locations across the US. You find a lot of amenities in this club, starting from cardio and other equipment to smoothie bars, supplements and more.

  1. Know Your People and Club

It is one of the clubs that is owned and operated independently by separate owners. This means that there is no generic cancellation policy in the clubs. Even though they have the same branding, they do not refer to the single owner at the end, and this might be upsetting to know. The cancellation can be really frustrating and difficult if you choose to change your gym or location and so on; therefore, do not assume that this is very simple beforehand.

  • Before you think of cancellation, think of the club that you wish to join. Preferably the nearest to you is the one that you are considering, and therefore go and talk to people around there. How to blog don’t responsibility for this.
  • When you talk to the leader, ask and take a look at their agreement, take time and read it properly.
  • The terms of the agreement are often very detailed and speech is unclear. Thus, you can find out if they have written things clearly about the cancellation or not.
  • Prepare your membership details clearly and keep them with you all the time.
  1. Keep Things Ready and Safe

Whenever you have any kind of conversation with the club, offline or online save them for future reference. Despite being big organizations, their documentation is still very fragile and you will find it very difficult or impossible to cancel your membership if you miss the important documents. Here is a list of things that you must always keep in mind.

  • The full name mentioned on the membership contract.
  • The date of birth on the contract.
  • The complete billing address mentioned on the same.
  • These are essential for verifying your account and canceling it.
  • Many times, when you have enabled automatic payment from your bank for monthly paid memberships, this can be difficult to cancel. So, you have to keep ready all the official documents, if offline.  
  • Keep your online account saved offline because you can cease to access your account and lose all the information as well. This is already written in the Membership Agreement that they can choose to terminate your services and terminate your access to their services anytime they wish to do so, and this can lead to a legal battle between the members and the club.
  1. Follow the Below Generic Steps

Despite being operate individually, there are some steps that you can take. Their online medium or by phone is not great. So, you have the best chance by writing an official letter and keeping track of it through the US Post Office. You can do the following before trying to cancel or send letters and other things. Here is a list of things to take care of before sending out letters or calling your club.

  • The first thing you must do is to call them and ask if you are eligible to cancel your plan or not.
  • If you have received a positive confirmation, you can now proceed towards drafting a cancellation letter that includes your concern.
  • Do not forget to include all your details in the letter regarding your cancellation and those mentioned above in the list.
  • Be sure to send the signed letter via certified mail so that you get the confirmation that they have indeed received the letter, this is a record and save it for the future.
  • Again, if you have received a confirmation of the cancellation of your request, do save it too for the future.

It may happen that the changes were not receive or known and your account is still charge the next month.


  • All the documentation must be save for future reference definitely because of unknown and unforeseen circumstances.
  • Be sure to maintain the records, and intimate them the same.

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