Amazon is the biggest eSeller organization, but it has expanded beyond all today.

If you have a membership and want to change password, here is how to do it.

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Change Amazon Password in App

As you now use the app more than the website, changing a password through the app is something you would like to know. As it happens, if you are currently using the app and you wish to change the password to a new one, meaning reset the current password, here is what you do.

  • Then, navigate to “Login & Security” inside the app, and click on “Edit” next to the account information, meaning you wish to modify the account info.
  • Then, follow the on-screen instructions and click on “Save Changes”.
  • Once all is done, click on “Done” and you have your new password now.

Change Amazon Password if Forgot

So, let us assume that you have forgotten the password of Amazon, meaning that you cannot make any modifications for your favorite prime and shopping site. But, this is not a thing to worry when you think about the giant.

  • First, read a few of the FAQs here and learn that there are simple and instant ways to do so.
  • You shall learn that for security reasons they will not share the current password, so you can do a reset of the same by using a personalized link sent to your email address, registered with Amazon.
  • You shall find a window that will ask you to enter a new password, retype it, and then that will be set as your new password.
  • Your attached email address is important here, but if you do not have access to it anymore, there is going to be trouble.

Change Amazon Password  on Fire Stick

This is something many would not know but what is important that despite several products, everything you can do in on Amazon. For example, you can find the complete video tutorial for setting up your Fire TV Stick the first time you get it.

  • On the link above, if you scroll down to step 7, it will tell you about “Register your Device” which means to follow the on TV instructions to set up your Amazon Account and use it thereafter.
  • Here is a detailed step-by-step breakdown of how to register your Amazon account to your new Fire Stick.
  • You can change your password by going to Settings> My Account> Amazon Account.
  • Then, you can ‘Edit’ the account info just like you had done above, and change your password to a new one.
  • Click on ‘Save Changes’ to make it your new password.


Sometimes, after you have changed your password in Amazon, you have to come and do it in your Fire Stick so that you can use it as there may be a mismatch.

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