Google docs left some spaces by default on the edges of the document. In this guide you will learn to change margin size. There are some quick ways and some little complex. So, lets go step by step.

How to change Margins in Google Docs Quickly

  • Open Google Docs
  • Open your document in google docs or write a new.
  • Find the ruler on the top of the page.
  • To change left margin, look for a down facing arrow on the ruler. Drag that arrow to change the margin from left or right side.
  • To change right margin, drag that arrow from the right end.

Change left, right, top and bottom margins in Google Docs

  • Open the document in google docs.
  • Click on File in the menu bar.
  • Click on page setup.
  • In the page setup interface, find Margins.
  • There are text boxes in front of each margin. So to set margin, type in its box. For example if you want to change the top margin, write the value inside the box in front of the top.
  • Repeat the above step to change margins.
  • If you want to make your margins value default for every document. Click on Set as Default.
  • Click ok.

How to Lock the Margins in Google Docs

You can lock the margins of your document, so when you share your document with anyone, he/she cannot change the margins. Click on pencil icon while sharing and then choose can comment or can view instead of can edit.

If you want to unlock the margins, the easiest way to do this is to click on View Button, which pops on the top if the document is locked to editing. After clicking on view button click on Request edit access and click send request.

This will send request to the owner of the document, which can allow you to change margins.

Edit document in Google Docs if it is Locked

If a document is locked and you want to make any change in it. Simply copy all the content of that document by pressing CTRL + A and then CTRL + C.

Now open Google Docs and create a new document in it. Paste all the copied content in this google doc by pressing CTRL + V from keyboard. Now, you can make required changings and save or download the document in word format.