iCloud is cloud storage, which lets you save documents, photos, videos, and app data.

You can store all your data in one place and access them from anywhere at any time on any device as you want.

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On iPhone

You can save anything on your iCloud storage. If you want to check the percentage of space occupied in your iCloud storage, follow the steps explained below.

  • Unlock your iPhone and launch the ‘Settings’ app. Tap the Apple ID banner that is located at the top.
  • Tap iCloud to see a colored graph. The graph shows you the types of data that are taking up how much space on your iCloud storage.
  • If you want to manage your storage plan, tap ‘Manage Storage’ and change your storage plan to what is convenient for you.


iCloud offers space to everyone to back up their most important data at one place and share that with their friends and mates at one go.

  • Visit ‘iCloud.com’ to download the iCloud on your PC. Install the iCloud by navigating to File Explorer if it does not automatically install on your PC. Restart your system.
  • Ensure iCloud for windows is open on your PC. If it does not open automatically, navigate to ‘Start’> ‘Open Apps or Programs’> ‘Open iCloud’ for Windows.
  • Choose the content and files that you want to move to your iCloud storage. Click on ‘Apply’.

Check iCloud Storage Online

You can check your iCloud storage online from any device either to view your storage space or update your storage or remove certain files from your storage.

  • You have to pay a visit to ‘iCloud.com’ to manage, check, and access all the files and data stored on your iCloud storage. ‘Sign-In’ into your iCloud page (https://www.icloud.com/).
  • You can get to see an iCloud page that displays all the tools and applications it supports. You can try out the options to do what is required.
  • If you want to upload new photos or view the existing photos, you have to click on ‘Photos’ option.
  • You can create new notes or revise, delete or view the existing notes on iCloud by clicking ‘Notes’ option.
  • You can create new reminders and delete the old remainders by navigating to the ‘Remainders’ option. Likewise, you can check out all the options and tools.

On Macbook

Once you launch iCloud, you will get 5GB free space to store and manage your data. If you want to add more space, you can buy space depending on your requirements. Follow the below steps to check your iCloud storage on Macbook.

  • Open your Macbook and tap the ‘Settings’ app. Navigate to system preferences. Click iCloud to see the occupied space and free space.
  • Also, you can view which data type occupies more space and which data type occupies less space.
  • You can manage your storage by clicking ‘Manage Storage’, where you can buy additional space according to your storage needs.
  • You can turn off or delete the apps that you do not want to manage on your iCloud storage, which frees up some space for other storage.

Check iCloud Storage Contents

You can check iCloud storage contents from any device by following the steps mentioned below.

  • First, you need to open your device if you are proceeding to check iCloud storage contents from iPhone, iPad or Android device and tap ‘Settings’> ‘iCloud’.
  • Visit the iCloud website if you are about to check your iCloud storage contents from PC.
  • If you use Mac, go to ‘System Preferences’> ‘iCloud’. ‘Log-in’ to your iCloud page.
  • Now, you can see the options such as ‘Calendar’, ‘Contact’, ‘iCloud Drive’, ‘Pages’, and ‘Numbers’, ‘Find Friends’, ‘Mail’, and ‘Keynote’, ‘Find iPhone’, and ‘More’ on the iCloud page.
  • Click on the ‘Options’ to see how much storage space has been occupied by that particular data. Manage your storage by removing or deleting the unwanted ones.


Frequently checking your iCloud storage will help you know how much free space is there and whether that space is enough for your future storage or not.

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