The best way to make your dryer run proficiently is to wipe up regularly its screen, lint trap and vent. With the time lint get accumulated in the areas and thus not letting your dryer move efficiently, thus making it difficult to dry garments, this also results in the utilization of more energy. There are very simple steps to follow to make your dryer work efficiently.

  1. The Stuff You Will Need in the Process is

There are various things which are required to start up the process in a systematic way. They are as follows:

  • Garbage Bag.
  • Vacuum Cleaner having lint clean-up add-on.
  • Lint Eater and Dryer Vent Duct.
  1. Steps to Clean Dryer’s Lint Trap

This involves the cleaning of the screen and the Lint Trap. The cleaning has to be done in a very careful manner.

  • As per the pattern of the dryer either the lint trap will be lying on the dryer or is situated within the door.
  • First make it sure that where the lint trap is located.
  1. Take Away the Lint Screen as of the Lint Trap

Under this step you need to remove the lint screen carefully.

  • Just grab the screen ending and provide it a gentle push.
  • The screen will come out from the dryer.
  1. Make the Lint Liberated Off the Screen

The motive is to begin with a little amount of lint. This step has to be performed with full care.

  • The moment you scrap a little bit off the screen make it use it so as to take away the left over lint.
  • Just as if the snowball is rolling downhill, the lint acts as a magnet for itself and help in the removal procedure.
  • The moment it is removed, throw the lint inside garbage bag.
  1. With the Help of Vacuum Cleaner and Soft Brush Add-On Just Makes Dirt Free the Screen

Switch on the vacuum and merely execute the attachment onto the screen.

  • It will take away all the remaining lint away from the screen.
  • This step has to be performed very carefully.
  • Caveat–If the version of the dryer is older, then you have to check that whether you can reach to the lint vent by not moving the dryer.
  1. Next Remove the Lint with the Help of Vacuum

Exchange out the add-on on the vacuum with a long neck one. As soon as you finish it, switch the vacuum on and add the attachments inside the lint trap.

  • Now let the add-on move inside the trap.
  • The main aim is get rid of any residual lint if left out.
  • Usually, you wish to pull out the add-ons, but before that be sure that the top of the vacuum should not be clogged.
  • If it is so, then push the lint which is locking the add-on, you need to check that whether it is sucking so for that just put hand next to the end, and put it again inside the trap.
  1. As Soon as We Get a Cleaned Lint Trap, Insert it Back

It is very simple to do, just you need to take out the lint screen and place it back inside it.

  • In order to see the positioning of the lint vent just look at the back of the dryer– usually it is an aluminum piping or stretchy aluminum tubing.
  • Now you need to drag the dryer far beside the wall to get an access to the vent. Be sure that no obstruction should be there in the tubing, or it should not lead to hole while pulling off the wall.


  • Some of the connections which are old are fragile, can direct towards gas leaks.
  • In spite of, all the things you’re performing with the gas dryer, in case you smell gas, right away stop, and dial for the public service to come up to fix it.

Take special care while the rod gets inside the vent. If you encounter any kind of blockage or not able to take the rod down the vent, just you need to stop so as to keep away from harming the venting.