Is Bandcamp free for artists?

The great news is that BandCamp accounts are totally free! The company makes its money through revenue sales. So, in theory, artists can sign up for nothing and begin earning money for their music straight away. For those wanting access to more features, BandCamp Pro costs just $10.

Can I have more than one artist account on Bandcamp?

Yes! To create an additional artist account, log out of all of your accounts – fan or artist – and head on over here to sign up as an artist. If you create multiple fan or artist accounts using the same email, you’ll need to sign in using the username(s) you entered at sign-up.

Can artists follow other artists on Bandcamp?

Yes. If you’d like your artist and fan account to be one and the same (so there’s no logging out of one and in to the other nonsense), make sure you’re logged in to your artist account, and then either a) go buy some music, or b) if you’ve already purchased music, visit our fan sign up page here.
If you download music from Bandcamp that is offered as free download, it is illegal. The site does not “protect” against downloads at all, but it is still unlicensed if you do it.

Is Bandcamp high quality?

Bandcamp only lets you upload audio in lossless formats like WAV, FLAC, or AIF. It then converts the file into other formats to optimize streaming and highquality downloads. This way, the quality of your music is preserved and all your audiophile fans are pleased.

You already own copyright over the content that you create or produce (with the performers getting related rights over the content). Bandcamp is a place where you can sell your content for a fee, it does not copyright your content.

Is Bandcamp good for new artists?

Bandcamp is an online music service that helps musicians post music, earn new fans, and be paid fairly for their work. The site is also great for listeners, who can find new music and artists outside of the mainstream, and offer them critical support.

How many times can you listen on Bandcamp?

The default on Bandcamp is 3 listens of a track per user. This is the setting I use on my various Bandcamp pages. Account holders can change this setting to unlimited if they wish.

Is SoundCloud or Bandcamp better?

Summary: When it comes to selling your music (and even your merch), Bandcamp comes out on top. But the monetization options on SoundCloud are attractive if you’re getting a lot of plays. SoundCloud favors getting your tracks listened to, where Bandcamp favors getting your tracks sold.

Can you make money on Bandcamp?

You can sign up as an artist, fan or even a label on Bandcamp. Bandcamp takes 15% of the profit from digital sales and 10% from merchandise. Labels can also sign up on Bandcamp to discover and manage artists. A label accounts costs $20 per month for 15 artists or $50 per month for unlimited artists.

Can I upload MP3 to Bandcamp?

Make sure that your files meet our upload requirements: Your audio files must be at least 16-bit, 44.1 kHz lossless files (WAV, AIFF, or FLAC), in stereo (no mono- or multi-channel audio). Do not upsample from MP3s. Please re-export the file from your music editing software in a lossless format like WAV, AIFF, or FLAC.

Do you need PayPal for Bandcamp?

Buying music through Bandcamp does not require a PayPal account. Once you click Checkout, look for the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” link: There’s a small possibility that you’ll instead see credit card fields after you click Checkout. Unfortunately, PayPal does not allow credit cards in 100% of cases.

What’s wrong with Bandcamp?

There is too much content not related to music. While there is the ability to search for only music, there is not the ability to search for apparel or stories, not even related to the music you’re searching for. The biggest frustration while using Bandcamp is when attempting to discover new music to listen to.

What is better than Bandcamp?

Best Bandcamp Alternatives in 2021

The best alternative is Spotify, which is free. Other great apps like Bandcamp are (Freemium), SoundCloud (Freemium), iTunes (Free) and Pandora (Freemium).

How much should I pay on Bandcamp?

For EP-length albums (six tracks or fewer), $4 USD is the sweet spot. But again, there are exceptions, and if you’re an established artist who has seen recent success charging $18 for your digital albums, go for it.

Why is Bandcamp shipping so expensive?

Bandcamp functions like a marketplace, so it’s up to artists and labels themselves to ship and fulfill merch. That means artists and labels also decide how much to charge for shipping.

Do SoundCloud artists get paid?

SoundCloud adopts ‘fan-powered royalties’ that will pay artists based on listening habits instead of the number of streams. SoundCloud announced it will pay artists royalties based on “overall listening time.” “The more fans listen on SoundCloud, and listen to your music, the more you get paid,” SoundCloud said.

Why does Bandcamp ask you to name your price?

“‘Name your price’ is to give fans the option to pay or get White Mystery music for free,” says guitarist and singer Alex White.

Can an EP have 8 songs?

The letters EP stand for Extended Player. An EP is a compilation of songs, which is longer then a single but shorter then an album. A single is one single song, and an album generally contains 8 songs or more. The average EP is around four songs long.

Why does Bandcamp add tax?

Bandcamp automatically determines your buyer’s location and, when appropriate, adds the proper amount of tax to the transaction, and this will be noted in your seller receipts and sales report.

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