How do you make a Bungie account?

There is no separate Bungie account for the game itself. On the web/app, you can create a new Bungie account by using the “Sign up” button.

How do I verify my Bungie account?

To complete this verification, players will need to:
  1. Click the “Verify Now” button on the SMS validation pop-up.
  2. Sign into their profile.
  3. Enter their phone number in the space provided and request a verification code.
  4. Enter the verification code sent to their phone number.

Do you need a Bungie account to play Destiny 2?

Q) Will I have to make a (Bungie account) to play the game? A) Yes, you will have to make one, and use your current one to log in and keep playing.

How do I unlink my Bungie account from steam?

If you are a potato like me and have accidentally linked your bungie account to the wrong steam account or vise versa have no fear, you can unlink it as follows; go to your bungie account settings and under the ‘Accounts & Linking’ tab, click the ‘Unlink’ button next to steam, follow through with the steam verification

How do I email Bungie?

Hey there, Bungie does not have a contact email. The Forums are the way to contact Bungie, or to receive answers from the many helpful and knowledgeable Forum Users.

Can you unlink destiny account?

Can you unlink a destiny 2 account? To unlink an account you must first have more than one account linked to the profile. If this is the case, the log out of and then log in using the credentials of the account you do NOT wish to unlink.

Can I transfer my destiny 2 account to a different Steam account?

Question: What information from Destiny 2 will transfer to Steam? All of your player content from Destiny 2 will be migrated to Steam. This includes accounts, expansions, silver, annual passes, and more. In your migration, you will not lose any player data, and the experience should continue seamlessly.

How do you transfer your destiny 2 account to Steam?

Destiny 2: How to transfer your account to Steam
  1. Step 1: Go to Bungie’s website. The first thing you need to do is head to Bungie’s website.
  2. Step 2: Login to Here’s what your transfer page should look like, but with your characters and licenses instead Bungie via Polygon.
  3. Step 3: Login to Steam.
  4. Important notes.

How do I delete my Bungie account?

The only way to remove your currently linked platform would be to create a throwaway accoun, link it to your Bungie account, and then unlink your current account. The throwaway account would need to be for a platform other than Steam, as you can’t have two of the same account type linked at the same time.

How do I sign out of two Destiny accounts?

In the top right-hand corner of Settings, there will be a Log Out option. Press it. Confirm the log out, and return to the main menu. Turn off the console or switch profiles.

How do I unlink cross save?

To deactivate Cross Save, click the “Deactivate Cross Save” button located at the bottom of the page. Players must authenticate all accounts before they can deactivate Cross Save. If players disable their Cross Save for any reason they will have to wait out the 90-day lockout before they can enable Cross Save again.

How do I delete a character in Destiny 2?

Start the game, and log in to the ‘Character Selection’ screen. Select the character you want to delete by selecting and highlighting their name with the d-pad. Enter the character’s name as confirmation that you want to delete the character. Press the X button to delete your character.

How do I restart Destiny 2 on ps4?

If you want to restart, you have to make a new character. If you dont have a slot for a character avaiable, you will have to delete one of your characters. You do not need to delete all your items to do so.

Can you link Destiny 2 accounts?

If you have Destiny 2 installed on multiple platforms, you can link the accounts you use to access them. With Destiny 2: New Light, it’s easier than ever to install a version of the game that you can play with your friends.

Do Destiny 2 expansions Cross Save?

How to take your Guardians across multiple platforms in Destiny 2. Learning how to cross save in Destiny 2 is relatively straightforward, though there are some cross save restrictions – including access to any purchased DLC or expansions – you should be aware of every time you make the leap.

Does destiny have Crossplay?

Bungie confirmed in December that Destiny 2 would be getting crossplay in 2021. But in May, some players got to try it out early when the studio accidentally turned the feature on for some players — a loophole the company eventually closed. There was also an official crossplay beta later that month.

Who owns Bungie now?