How do I create a free Power BI account?

Step 1
  1. Select Try free from You may then be prompted to select Try Power BI for free.
  2. Or, select an email link to a Power BI dashboard, report, or app.

Is Power BI account free?

Outside of Premium capacity, a user with a free license can only use the Power BI service to connect to data and create reports and dashboards in My Workspace. They can’t share content with others or publish content to other workspaces. To learn more about workspace types, see Types of workspaces.

How do I log into Power BI for free?

How do I get Power BI pro free trial?

Power BI Pro Trial Subscription for Office 365

Go to Billing > Add Subscriptions > Other Plans > Power BI Pro. Hover over the ellipse (…) and select Start free trial. This will add a license block of 25 licenses. You can then assign those licenses to users within your organization.