How do I log into hikvision online?

Open up an Internet browser and type in the IP address of the NVR. Log in using username and password of the recorder. Go to Configuration > Network > Advanced Settings > Other. Go to Configuration > System > Camera Management > Click on the blue link next to the camera you wish to log into.

How can I view hikvision in my browser?

  1. Open the web browser on your PC.
  2. Input the device IP address and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  3. Input the device user name and the device password to login.
  4. Tap Configuration – Network – Advanced Settings – Platform Access to enter the Platform Access page.
  5. Check Enable.
  6. Tap Save to save the settings.

How can I connect Hikvision camera to mobile?

How to Use Hik-Connect on Mobile for both iOS and Android?
  1. Download the “Hik-Connect” app from the iOS app store or Google Play. How to Use Hik-Connect on Mobile (iOS and Android)
  2. Open the app.
  3. Now you have two options: either login your Hik-Connect account, or add your device to the Hik-Connect App directly.

What is my hikvision username?

Surveillance Brands – Default Username and Passwords
Brand User Name Password
Grandstream admin admin
GVI Admin 1234
HIKVision admin 12345
Honeywell administrator 1234

How do I open Hikvision camera in Chrome?

Once you go to your Apps section, from there you click on Web Store (it will bring you to the Chrome apps). Step 3. Now that the Chrome app store is open, search for “IE Tab” in the search bar (as shown below in the picture below). This extension will let you access the Hikvision devices from Chrome.

How can I see Hikvision on multiple devices?

Open a Web browser and go to and login. Select My Shared Devices. Select Share Device. Enter the e-mail address of the hik-connect account to share with, select the device to share and select Share.

How do I share my Hilook account?

Steps: (1) Open Hik-Connect app in your mobile and login your account; (2) Go to More->Manage Sharing Settings to enter the Share Device Interface. (3) Set the account you want to share with. You can tap the Email Address field or the Mobile Phone Number field to set the account that you want to share with.

Can I use HIK connect on PC?

Hik-Connect for PC. You can use Hik-Connect on your PC through this Add-on.. Want to secure your home, workplace, and office more. Place the CCTV cameras in a different direction and leave the rest of the work at Hik Connect.

Can you connect 2 DVR together?

You can connect multiple DVRs to one monitor by using an AV signal switcher. An AV (audio/video) signal switcher can be used with a coaxial cable or with RCA audio/video cables for better signal quality. Connect one end of an RCA audio/video cable to the audio and video outputs on a DVR.

How many devices can be connected to HIK-connect?

1024 devices

How do I add a device to hikvision?

Up to 1024 devices can be added to an account.

How do I connect multiple monitors to NVR?

Hikvision I-series

Then click the Live View tab and select the view page from the dropdown options. On this page, you can switch between the HDMI & VGA screen and set the camera stream layout for each monitor (see image below).

How can I access hikvision remotely from my computer?

BNC video splitter, also called a BNC T connector, splits BNC video in to two. You can use this to split the signal from your security camera or DVR in two. Simply place this adapter on the video source and connect your regular CCTV BNC cables to run the video signals.