How do I create a Southwest Rapid Rewards account?

Simply visit® and click on Rapid Rewards. When the drop down menu appears, select Enroll. You’ll be walked through a quick enrollment process. Once you complete enrollment, your account number will appear on the screen.

How do I check my Southwest Rapid Rewards points?

To view your account history, log in to your Rapid Rewards account on®. Next, click on My Account in the top right of your screen. Within your My Account, you can view your total points balance, recent points activity, your status toward tier membership, upcoming trips, saved trips, past trips, and more.

Is a Southwest account free?

Enrolling in Rapid Rewards is easy—and free! You can enroll on the Southwest® Mobile App by selecting the drop down menu and then clicking on Flying Southwest/ Enroll in Rapid Rewards/Enroll Today. You can also enroll in Rapid Rewards by calling Southwest Airlines® Reservations at 1-800-248-4377.

Is Southwest Rapid Rewards free?

It’s free to join the Southwest Rapid Rewards program — and you should, as it’s the only way for you to earn points every time you fly Southwest (which you can turn around and use for future flights).

Do Southwest Airlines points expire?

No, your Rapid Rewards points do not expire. However, if you choose to close your account, the points in your account will be terminated. When do the points I earn after each qualifying activity post to my account? It takes up to 72 hours after completion of your flight for points to post to your account.

How many points do you need to fly free on Southwest?

The number of points you need for a free flight on Southwest Airlines can be anywhere between 6,600 and 58,000 for a one-way economy class ticket in high season.

How much is 60000 Southwest points worth?

That puts the price per point at 3 cents, double the 1.5 cents at which Southwest points are typically valued by experts in the points-and-miles community. The more points you purchase, however, the more affordable they become. Purchasing 60,000 points costs $1,650, putting the price per point at 2.75 cents.

How much is 50000 Southwest points worth?

Southwest Points have a value of about 1.3 cents each for award flights. Get the details on all redemptions and calculate Southwest Points to dollar value.

Southwest Points Value Calculator.

Southwest Points Cash Value
50,000 Points US $650
75,000 Points US $975
100,000 Points US $1,300

Will Southwest waive annual fee?

The card has a $69 annual fee, which is not waived the first year, but it has the lowest annual fee of all the Chase Southwest cards. After the first year, you’ll have to decide if the Southwest Plus card benefits are worth $69 to you.

How much are 1000 Southwest points worth?

So how much are Southwest Rapid Rewards points worth? It varies slightly depending on the route, time of year, and other factors, but in general, you can expect to get an average of 1.4 cents per point in value.

Can I use points and money on Southwest?

Can I combine points and cash for a reservation? No. But keep in mind, you can book a one-way reservation using points and book your return using cash or any other accepted form of payment or vice-versa.

How many Southwest points is a dollar?

Earn Points

The number of points you earn for flying Southwest depends on the type of fare you choose. You will earn 12 points per dollar spent on “Business Select” fares, 10 points per dollar spent on “Anytime” fares and six points per dollar spent on “Wanna Get Away” fares.

How much is a Southwest Rapid Reward worth?

If you’re sitting on a stash of Chase Ultimate Rewards credit card points, you can transfer them to Southwest Airlines to redeem for free flights. But how much are Rapid Rewards points actually worth? We value one Rapid Rewards point at 1.3 cents.

How much money are Southwest points worth?

What Is the Value of Southwest Rapid Rewards Points? Southwest Rapid Rewards points are worth about 1.4 cents each.

Is Southwest Rapid Rewards Worth It?

When compared to other rewards programs, the point value of Rapid Rewards outpaces most. Because the points you earn on the Southwest Priority card are so valuable, you get a decent rewards value out of every dollar you spend – despite a lower earning rate.

How much is 40000 Rapid Rewards points worth?

Southwest Rapid Rewards redemption options
Redemption options Average point value Value of 40,000-point sign-up bonus
Anytime fare 1.1 cents $440
Business Select fare 0.9 cents $360
$100 gift card 1 cent $400
$50 gift card 0.83 cents $332

How much is 1000 points worth?

Chase Points Value by Redemption Method
Redemption Method Average Point Value Value of 1,000 Points
Chase Ultimate Rewards Travel 1.25 cents $12.50
Cash Back 1 cent $10
Gift Cards 1 cent $10
Shop With Points 1 cent $10
Jul 5, 2021

Can you add someone to your Southwest Rapid Rewards?

Rapid Rewards Accounts cannot be shared or combined. Each individual receives credit for the flights that he/she flies.