What is the TalentReef?

TalentReef is a leading provider of SaaS-based recruitment marketing and talent management solutions that are purposefully built for the decentralized hourly workforce. Our mobile-first platform streamlines the recruit to retain process to transform how employers find, hire, train, and engage hourly workers.

How do you get a TalentReef password?

Please enter the last 4 digits of your SSN and your date of birth to reset password
  1. Last 4 of SSN.
  2. screen.welcome.forgot.password. PASSWORD.
  3. screen.welcome.forgot.password.confirm. CONFIRM.

Is TalentReef reliable?

TalentReef has helped us keep our employee files accurate, up to date and easily accessible. One of the best features of talentReef is that when an employee is hired, we ensure all required documents are completed.

How do I contact the TalentReef?

To learn more about TalentReef please contact, 1-866-562-2774 or visit us on the web: www.talentreefsupport.com..