Despite the largest eCommerce site, its grip on TV and video rental market or consumer electronics is very less.

So, you would like to cancel its membership or close the account.

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Delete Amazon Account Permanently

If you wish to remove everything forever, that is, delete your account permanently, and then you can find this nice article online ( to start with.

  • The link above tells you what it means to close the account and what you are going to lose.
  • As you can also see, from the above link that there is no instant link to close or delete your account, but you have to contact them to request to close it.
  • So, the first thing is to go to their contact page and then ‘Sign-In’ with your credentials.
  • This must be of the account that you wish to close and continue with the instructions.
  • You have to select the service you need help with, and that is ‘Prime or Something Else’, and under the ‘Tell us More about Your Issue’ section, select ‘Account Settings’ in the first box and ‘Close my Account’ in the second box.
  • Then, comes the point where a customer executive would like to explain and reason with you and help you with your request. You can choose the medium, that is, email, phone, or instant chat.

Delete Amazon Account from App

It is worth mentioning that to close the Amazon account, you have to go to their contact us page. Yes, you can find that from within the app too and this will take you there.

  • If you wish to delete the Amazon account from within the app directly, there is no such provision.
  • You have to go to ‘Help’ and then ‘Need More Help?’ and then there is the ‘Contact Us’ link.
  • This link will take you to the same steps above and you can continue as specified above.
  • Know that you have to go to ‘Orders’ or ‘Open Orders” and close all of them before you can proceed, as this is good practice.
  • The “Help” link is all the way at the bottom of the “Menu”.

Delete Amazon Account without Log-In

Yes, if you wish to do so without ‘Log-In’, you might want to try to contact the customer care directly. Though, going through the ‘Step 1’ ensures that you have ‘Logged-In’ via your account and they have the details which account you wish to close.

  • First, you can close all your orders as mentioned in ‘Step 2’, and then prepare a small brief note explaining them the reason you wish to close your account.
  • There you can contact them via email, and mention your account details. This way, you do not have to log in or talk via your account.


There is no user link to initiate closing the account like Facebook, and you have to request them to help you do so.

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