How do I change my Gameflip email?

  1. To change or edit your email address associated with your Gameflip account, log into your account and click on the menu and select Settings:
  2. In the “Email” field you can either edit or add a new email address to your account.
  3. You will then find the code and confirm it in the “Pending Email” field.

How do I change my number on Gameflip?

You have to use the contact support option on the main Game Flip site and send a support ticket explaining you want your current phone number changed. They take a few days to get back to you.

Why is my Gameflip account suspended?

Gameflip strives to maintain a safe and transparent community for all its users. Therefore, we reserve the right to temporarily suspend or permanently ban an account if it is proven that the user has violated our Terms of Service or Code of Conduct.

How do I email Gameflip?

Hey, please, contact us at, thanks!