Is HungerStation safe?

DO NOT USE HUNGERSTATION. They do not fill your order correctly and then they do not refund your money. I am writing every office of the Saudi government until this company is investigated for cheating me.

Can I cancel HungerStation order?

You have the right to cancel the order within (3) minutes of submitting the application on our website. Hungerstation . com and its listed restaurants reserve the right to cancel any order before or after acceptance, and we will promptly notify you of any mentioned cancellation.

What is HungerStation app?

HungerStation is an app that lets you order food to be delivered to your home inside Saudi Arabia. You can check out the menus of hundreds of different types a restaurants, list of prices, pictures of their dishes, etc.

How do I complain about a HungerStation?

If you face any problem with HungerStation, you can email HungerStation Support Team at with your mobile number, problem statement, and relevant screenshots (if any). A HungerStation customer support representative will get in touch with you to help resolve the issue.

Who owns Talabat?

Delivery Hero AG

How do you pay for HungerStation?

Type of site E-commerce
Owner Delivery Hero AG
Founder(s) Khaled Alotaibi and Abdulaziz Al Loughani
CEO Tomaso Rodriguez
Industry Internet

Why do you want to join HungerStation?

How do you accept payments? Currently all payments is Cash On Delivery. We will add online Payment via Credit Card & PayPal soon.

Who is the CEO of HungerStation?

Why HungerStation? With more than 10,000 partners operating in more than 80 cities in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, HungerStation is the platform to order what you want, while enjoying an easy and fast ordering experience. With HungerStation, you can order from your favorite restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, and more!

How do you join a HungerStation?

Ebrahim Al-Jassim

How do I register my restaurant in HungerStation?

Ebrahim Al-Jassim is the Founder/CEO at .

Who developed HungerStation?

How much can I earn from HungerStation?

Ebrahim Al Jassim, the founder of HungerStation (, is a serial entrepreneur. Ebrahim founded Hunger Station in Saudi Arabia in 2012 and the company is now the leading online food ordering platform in the country.

How can I start a restaurant in Saudi Arabia?

How do I change my RoadRUNNER location?


How can I make money fast in Saudi Arabia?

HungerStation was acquired by Rocket Internet’s Hellofood (Foodpanda) in August 2016 for an undisclosed sum. Later that year, Foodpanda was sold to Delivery Hero and eventually Hellofood’s brand was absorbed by HungerStation in Saudi.

What are Saudi Arabia’s main exports?

daily earn 150-200 riyals by just delivering 10 to 15 orders.

Can foreigners drive Uber in Saudi Arabia?

You don’t need a partner to start your restaurant. However, you will have to get your Saudi Arabia General Investment Entrepreneurial license and Commercial Registration first. It is also worth noting that you need to be in Saudi Arabia to complete the registration process of your restaurant.

Who can make money online for free?

After opening the RoadRUNNER Rides app, choose the “RidePlan” option in the menu on the home screen. To find or start at a specific location or address, tap the “Ride Plan” button (the button in the far right of the bottom menu). Once you select “RidePlan,” you’ll see a map with a crosshair in the center.

Which is the best online money earning app?

Exports: The top exports of Saudi Arabia are Crude Petroleum ($145B), Refined Petroleum ($21.8B), Ethylene Polymers ($11.1B), Propylene Polymers ($5.88B), and Acyclic Alcohols ($4.28B), exporting mostly to China ($45.8B), India ($25.1B), Japan ($24.5B), South Korea ($19.5B), and United States ($12.2B).

How can I make $100 a day?

According to the rules of Ministry of Saudi Transport, non-Saudis are no more allowed to work for private riding services such as Careem and Uber. The expatriates who have transferred their sponsorship to Uber and Careem and driving the cars registered in the name of Uber and Careem are an exception to the rule.