How do I delete my Podio account?

Once you’ve successfully logged into your Podio account, select the profile icon in the upper right corner of Podio and click “My account”, then select “Account Settings” and find the link “I wish to permanently delete my Podio user account”. This action is not reversible.

How do I delete all leads in Podio?

You can either select all or select the specific items you want to delete, then click the small trash can in the upper right to delete the items. Tip: Use the filter functionality to filter for a specific group of items, then delete all of the filtered items.

How do I change my email address on Podio?

Click the profile icon in the top blue bar, then select “Account Settings”. Then click “Add another email address” to add a new address. When you’ve added the email address, we’ll send a verification email to that address. Click the link in that email to verify that you own this email address and you’re done!