How do I delete my Shutterstock account?

Can I cancel Shutterstock anytime?

To delete your Shutterstock account you must contact customer service and request deletion. You can do so through the contact form or by emailing

Can you cancel Shutterstock free trial?

Shutterstock products are designed to offer you uninterrupted access to the content you need. We have month-to-month plans that allow you to cancel anytime by simply turning off the auto renewal feature, giving you flexibility with the duration of the plan.

Can I get a refund from Shutterstock?

Can contributors delete photos?

If you wish to cancel during your free trial period, visit the Plans section of the My Account page here. To ensure seamless service, the charge will happen approximately 4 days before your free trial period ends.

Is Shutterstock no longer free?

Except when required by law, Shutterstock shall be under no obligation to issue refunds under any circumstances. All fees are non-refundable, even if your subscription is terminated before its expiration.

Is it easy to cancel Shutterstock?

What can contributors do? Contributors can add photos, tag photos, edit a photo album, and add other contributors. Contributors can only edit or delete photos that they have uploaded.

Is Shutterstock Free Trial Really Free?

With the exception of the weekly free photo and free vector, all content available at Shutterstock is royalty-free but has an associated cost. Traditionally, a royalty is a fee paid to the author or creator of a work each time a copy of that work is used or sold.

Can you use Shutterstock images without paying?

Our crowdsourced data from Shutterstock and Justuseapp users, shows that it is Very Difficult to cancel a Shutterstock subscription. If you haven’t rated Shutterstock yet, Rate it here →.

How long can I use a Shutterstock image?

Shutterstock allows you to try out the service for free and download ten images a month at no cost. The free trial will expire after 30 days, regardless of whether you use up your allowance of ten images. The ten free images that you download are yours to keep, no matter whether you continue or cancel your annual plan.

Are there free images on Shutterstock?

You can use Shutterstock images on websites without any restrictions on the number of viewers or hits on the website. All of Shutterstock’s licenses are royalty-free, so you can use the images without time restrictions.

Is it legal to use Shutterstock images?

With the Shutterstock Image licenses, there is no set time frame for using the images after a download. With a Standard Image License, you can store those images for your own use. The Enhanced Image License is necessary if you want to use them as elements of digital templates for sale/distribution.

Why is Shutterstock so expensive?

On the Shutterstock homepage you can find a free new photo and vector image each week. In addition, you can try Shutterstock for free – sign up for the free trial and get 10 high-quality images for free.

Can you edit images from Shutterstock?

A: You cannot use any of our images of people in a derogatory way. Use any Shutterstock image as part of a trademark, service mark, or logo. However, you may attempt to purchase an exclusive license to the image, giving you exclusive usage and rights to use it in logos, etc. Resell or share Shutterstock image licenses.

How much does an image on Shutterstock cost?

Shutterstock is expensive mainly due to the size of their database, and the fact that they let photographers sell their images on their platform. There is almost no way that you will not find the image you are looking for on their platform, but it may take a while.

Can I print and sell Shutterstock images?

How do you get paid on Shutterstock?

Shutterstock Editor launches today, and you can be one of the first to use this simple, fast, and free way to edit photos — now in beta. Simply choose a photo, customize it, and create the perfect image for your project. You can also apply a custom filter to change the look of your image.

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