What is touch of modern app?

Touch of Modern (aka ToMo) is a members-only e-commerce website and app focused on selling lifestyle products, fashion, and accessories to men. The company is based in San Francisco, California and was launched in March 2012.

Can you sell on touch of modern?

Corner points of the contract: We are not allowed to sell products which might be competing with theirs.

How many members does touch of modern have?

14 million users

How do I return to touch of modern?

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in San Francisco, the company has over 14 million users.

Is touch of modern like Sharper Image?

How do I return my item?
  1. Print both pages.
  2. Fold each page along the middle of the page.
  3. Attach both the shipping label and RMA barcode to the outside of the return package. (ensuring clear visibility of all information and barcodes)
  4. Drop package off at FedEx location.

What is touch of modern for Samsung?

Does touch of modern accept returns?

Touch of Modern is a thoughtfully curated, discovery-based site that offers the best in design and innovation. It’s reminiscent of those high-tech, cutting-edge stores (Sharper Image, Brookstone, Spencer’s, et al) you used to explore in the mall as a kid, and just be blown away at the innovation.

Can I look at touch of modern without signing up?

How long does touch of modern shipping take?

Touch of Modern is a curated, online shopping destination for men to discover unexpected products, fashion, and accessories to elevate their lifestyle. We showcase one-of-a-kind, in-season products from well-known brands and up-and-coming designers that men can’t easily find in mainstream retailers or at better prices.

Why do I have to sign up for Touch of Modern?

Acceptance of a return is within our sole discretion. Items marked “Return for store credit” are returnable for STORE CREDIT within 7 days of receiving the item. We will arrange a return label for free return shipping. Upon receipt and reprocessing of the item into our warehouse, you will receive the store credit.

How do I track my Touch of Modern order?

Is the Touch of Modern app free? The Touch of Modern app is free to download. Customers simply need to create an account in order to access their website.

How do I contact Touch of Modern?

They consistently misquote the availability of an item, take 30 to 45 days to ship, and then tell you they cannot cancel an order even if they cannot ship it.

Does touch of modern ship to Canada?

Why does everyone need to create an account to see the site? In order to offer the lowest possible prices, we are required to be a members only site by a large number of our designers. This allows us to list great products for the community while keeping our designers happy.