Do Ventra cards expire?

How do I re register my Ventra card?

All current silver Ventra Cards have an expiration date printed on the front. Cards will function as normal until the end of the month printed on the front of the Card. Once a Card expires, it can no longer be used for transit and a new Card must be purchased.

Can I have more than one Ventra card?

You can register your Ventra Card in one of three ways:
  1. Online at
  2. Via the Ventra App, available to download from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play Store.
  3. By calling Ventra customer service at (877) 669-8368.

Can I use ventra app on CTA?

Sorry, you can only have one Ventra Card in Apple Wallet on one device at a time (i.e., just your iPhone or just your Apple Watch). You can, however, have multiple Ventra Cards in Apple Wallet at a time, each with their own value and passes, on each of your devices.

Can you take money off your Ventra card?

To get started with Ventra Card on iPhone and Apple Watch, download the new Ventra app. Ventra Card on iPhone or Apple Watch can be used at all Ventra readers on CTA buses, CTA ‘L’ station faregates and Pace buses.

What does it mean when your Ventra card says suspended?

Refunds can be issued for either the money in the transit account, any unused unlimited rides passes or a combination of the two with a maximum value of $300. Riders who want to seek a refund have to either call Ventra customer service at 1-877-669-8368 or stop by the Ventra customer service center, 165 N.

Can you use your phone for ventra?

negative balances

Can I use my phone to pay on the bus?

Riders who have negative balances may notice a “suspended” tag on their account. Add more money or contact Ventra customer service if the negative balance should not have occurred because there was money in the account or you have an active unlimited pass. Money and passes can also be auto-loaded.

Can I use my phone to pay CTA?

Yes! Ventra is designed to accept a digital Ventra Card on your Android smartphone, iPhone or Apple Watch. The Ventra Card on Google Pay, iPhone and Apple Watch brings all the features of Ventra Cards straight to your phone or watch.

Can ventra be used on Metra?

Using a mobile payment to pay as you go is the same as using a contactless card. You can make mobile payments with devices such as phones, watches, key fobs, stickers or wristbands. You can use different mobile payments to travel on our transport services: Apple Pay.

How much is Pace bus?

Now, CTA and Pace riders will be able to simply tap their NFC-enabled Android™ phone at CTA rail stations or aboard CTA or Pace buses to pay for rides using Ventra Card in Google Pay. Customers will not be required to carry a plastic Ventra card.

What’s the difference between CTA and Pace?

You know, now you can buy that Metra ticket right from your smartphone. Introducing the Ventra App. To use your ticket, wait till you’ve boarded the train. Once on board, go to “My Metra Tickets” and choose the ticket you want to activate.

Can you use Ventra for divvy?

CTA and Pace
Full Fare Reduced Fare**
CTA Bus fare Ventra$2.25 Ventra$1.10
Pace Bus fare Ventra$2.00 Ventra$1.00
Pace Premium Bus Fare Ventra$4.50 Ventra$2.25

What can you use Ventra card for?

Pace. Pace (suburban bus) runs buses throughout the suburbs (routes 208 and above) and many routes connect with CTA. Major routes run daily through mid-evening, every 30 to 60 minutes. Pace connects with CTA and Metra in dozens of locations.

Does Ventra card work on Pace bus?

Currently, Divvy bikes can be accessed by purchasing a 24-hour-pass for $9.95. Allowing Ventra card holders to use their cash-less fare cards to pay for Divvy would encourage even more CTA riders to rent bikes for their final leg of the journey to work, school, shopping or recreation.

How does Divvy expense work?

Ventra Card: a transit + optional Debit MasterCard® that can be used for transit and everyday purchases. Ventra Tickets: single-ride and One-day passes. Personal, contactless, bank-issued credit and debit cards can be used for transit.

Does LYFT own Divvy?

Ventra is the fare payment system for Pace and CTA.

NOW. Riders can also pay with cash (using exact change) or contactless bank cards. Transfers to/from other Pace and CTA fixed route buses and trains are only available using a Ventra card or a contactless bank card registered with Ventra.

What happens if you don’t return Divvy bike?

Divvy is a budgeting and expense tool that automates the expense management process. Each user receives a physical or virtual Divvy MasterCard for business expenses. The user simply requests approval from the finance team prior to swiping the card. With Divvy, the expense management process is completely automated.