How do I delete photos from ViewBug?

Start by uploading your photos to your account. Once your photos are uploaded you will be able to: Edit your photo’s name, description, tags and add a watermark by going to the photo page and clicking on the edit icon to the right of the photo. You can also delete a photo by clicking on the edit icon.

Is ViewBug safe?

ViewBug has a consumer rating of 3.22 stars from 203 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with ViewBug most frequently mention photo contests, amateur photographer and amazing photos. ViewBug ranks 7th among Photo Sharing sites.

What is ViewBug on Facebook?

ViewBug, a popular service for brands to hold photo contests, has announced a new proprietary voting system for its platform that integrates member votes with Facebook to showcase popular images.

How do you change your username on ViewBug?

Change your username.

You may change your username under Account Settings >> Profile ( Simply click on blue ‘Change your username’ link and once you are done, make sure to click on ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.

How much does ViewBug cost?

How much does ViewBug cost? ViewBug has a premium, pro, and pro+ memberships that one can pay to unlock more features of the platform. The premium package costs $6.17 per month, and it is billed annually.

Can I make money from ViewBug?

How do I sell my photos on ViewBug?

Each photo can sell many times and to different people – and you’ll make money each time. You will alway be the owner of your photos and you choose which photos you want to sell. We partner with the top licensing agencies in the World to give you maximum exposure to top clients.

How do I see my photos on ViewBug?

It’s easy to upload them to ViewBug using our uploader and directly add them to the marketplace. Get started by visiting the photo page of the images you’d like to license and simply clicking the “Sell Photo” option. You will also find this option in the uploader page when uploading new photos to the community.

What is ViewBug app?

You can see all of your photos under your public profile and choose different layouts to view them; Waterfall, Museum and Press. To access your public profile; hover over your profile avatar photo on the right top corner and click on “View Profile” from drop down list.

Is ViewBug free?

With the ViewBug photo app, submit your photos to photography contests across many inspiring categories and get discovered in the photo community and awarded. Photo competitions are fun, but they are even better when you can win big! Compete with other members of the ViewBug photo community and win amazing prizes.

How can I sell my photos online?

Anyone can sign up for a free online ViewBug account. Your account gives you opportunities to post your photos and gain followers. With a free account, you can upload up to 10 photos per week and have opportunities to submit your photos to free contests. Based on your activity, you can gain rewards, points, and badges.

Can you win money on GuruShots?

How do you get followers on ViewBug?

While the GuruShots app is free to download, there are some very real prizes that users compete for. GuruShots has partnered with big brands like Adobe, Kodak, B&H, Adorama, Polaroid, and Skylum. A winning photo could be awarded anything, including: a straightforward cash prize.

How do I contact ViewBug?

The ViewBug Photography Awards are a celebration to recognize the creativity of ViewBug members and the inspiration that they share with us. Everyday, thousands of photographers share their work and their perception of the world around us.

What is Treasure Award Viewbug?

Please email ViewBug customer service at within 5 business days of receiving the product to tell us about the nature of the damage and to arrange for a new product to be sent to you at ViewBug’s expense.

What is a celebrity award on Viewbug?

Top Class Awards are given to the photos with the most votes received in a specific contest, during the weekly voting period. The Top Class Awards are divided in 3 groups: Top 10 Class Award – An award acknowledging that your photo ranked among the top 10 percent most voted on images, for that voting period.