Every answer to your question boils down to just one rule, which is ‘ask, when in doubt’. Don’t hesitate while asking someone to be in a relationship with you, even in a long distance relationship. The geographical distance is not the problem but emotional distance certainly is. But stop thinking about the unknown future and live in the moment, with these devices:

  1. It will be a Roller Coaster Journey

Sometimes your long distance partner looks amazing, and sometimes nothing seems to be working with her, relax give yourself some time to adjust.

  • Communicate effectively and honestly as much as possible.
  • Tell them clearly if you did not like their suggestion or honestly criticize their choices.
  • If you hold back the feelings it will disturb your relationship with your partner.
  • Do not jump to conclusions all small little things from everyday life shared by your partner.
  1. Arguments and Fights Both are Inevitable

Arguing on small little things and fighting on the principles is a part of every relationship especially if the relationship is long distance relationship. The distance just increases the misunderstandings more.

  • Try to remind each other that distance is not the problem it is just a temporary stage.
  • If one partner is mad at you try to ease the situation with a sense of humor and patience. It reduces conflict.
  • Also, try to find the source and reason of conflict and try to avoid it from the next time.
  1. Make Those Sleepless Nights a Habit

The video chat which looks like five minutes, on the Skype is actually five hours long, and you lost your entire sleep. But the funny thing is this is not the first time it is your seventh sleepless night in a row.

  • Try to develop a healthy time table and work on it strictly.
  • Talk on the important subjects for first and finish them off as soon as possible. So that you can later discuss the other not so important things if time permits.
  • Do not get used to the consumption of coffee. Coffee can give you temporarily relief, but it can also make you addictive to it.
  1. Other Social Life and Commitments will be Affected

The most affected area in a long distance relationship is your other social life. There will be an imbalance in commitments and fulfilling the office deadlines.

  • Try to balance both in life, also try to give importance to other things, which are not related to your partner.
  • Do not try to achieve everything quickly give things its own time.
  • The romance develops slowly and the enjoyment of love is in its step by step stages and not just jumping to the final stage at once.
  • Restart your healthy life again join the sports club that you had left a long time back.
  1. At Times You will Question the Reality

Your friends and office colleagues might even comment on the reality of your long distance relationship. Try not to take them seriously they are your friends they have all right to break jokes on you.

  • Also, do not try to take the comments seriously made by elders in the family about your partner.
  • Also, do not expect unrealistic support from the known people around you about a long-distance relationship.
  • Do not discuss about your long distance relationship with everybody you meet.
  • Also, do not forget to introduce trusted people to your partner this will build support for you.
  1. Jealousy will Also Come by

Do not feel missed out or jealous when you see other couples holding hand in hand. Also, do not feel bad or left out when your partner goes out for a party with her friends.

  • Keep faiths about meeting your partner, when you see other couples meeting each other?
  • Encourage your partner to take part in her other social life.
  • Complement your partner when she shares her experience of going out with friends and enjoying.
  1. Keep a Check on Your Wallet

Long distance relationship looks expensive when you search about buying international air tickets. Because one trip will encourage you to take another and another will encourage you to take another and so on.

  • Money is important you need to take this seriously and save for the time when you both meet.
  • Do not take frequent flights instead try to take a long vacation in just one or two trips?
  • The money that you save from frequent flights can be utilized wisely for both of you.
  1. Tough Decisions to be Made, Ahead

Long distance relationship can ask a lot of questions like where exactly your relationship is heading. Are you the people ever going to meet and stay together?

  • Ignore the question asked by your relatives especially about the marriage with your long distance partner.
  • Do not ignore the relatives but ignore their questions, rather avoid creating situations where they ask questions.
  • Also, try not to get carried away by these questions that you miss the whole pleasure of love.
  • Those who are forcing you to think these questions don’t know the nuances of your relationship. But you do.
  1. Not Easy but All will Appear Worth it Finally

At one point in time, you will feel that everything that you plant looks impossible like a distant dream. But you will realize at the end that everything that you people both sacrificed was worth it.

  • Your determination and perseverance will make things come true.
  • Even if you get suggestions negative suggestions by the people around you do not get de-motivated.
  • In the end, everything will fall in place and you will love the experience you had.
  • You will have stories to tell to your grandchildren about the hurdles and frustrations that you faced before settling down.
  1. Be Selective about Suggestions

The people who try to be nice in front of you are not necessarily your good wishes. You need to give priorities to the suggestions of your good wishes those who will stand by you.

  • Only take suggestions about your long distance relationship from the people who matter in your life.
  • Also, do not allow people to comment on your life activities especially your relationships.
  • Prioritize your relationship with friends keep them close and very close according to your trust in them.
  1. Make Trust and Communication Your Base

Among the other recipes, trust and communication play the main role in any relationship. It is only trust and communication that will float your ship of long distance relationship.

  • Be communicative and verbal about even the smallest of doubts that you have in your mind always.
  • Analyze and trust your partner on certain things which you can do and does not wish to do.
  • Know the limitations of your partner and also discuss it in between you.
  1. Enjoy Simple Things

It is only in long distance relationship that you can enjoy the simple things like eating roadside, taking a walk, feeling each other’s touch, smiling without reason.

  • It’s a great realization that life is made up of small things.
  • You do not need to wait for some big happiness to come and knock your door.
  • Enjoy the company of old friends introduce them to your partner and remember your memories.
  • Don’t waste your time watching television and sleeping late; enjoy the early mornings and evening sunsets.
  1. Distance is an Opportunity and Not Separation

Even though the distance between you are seen as a big separation it is also a greater reason for your bonding. A kind of a difficult exam which you have to pass together.

  • Real gold is not afraid of the test of fire because it’s real gold, same applies to partners also.
  • Make plans for your visit and enjoy the dreams about it.
  • Save money and spend it when you both are together to get the best of the time spent.
  1. Getting Dirty is OK

Sex is the basic human necessity it is also a strong bond which binds both the partners together. It is not just physical it is also equally emotional as well.

Feel free to express your desires about each other’s bodies and the attraction that you share with them.

  • You can also tease them through text messages and photographs too. But you need to wait for the sign which says no problem go ahead.
  • A mature joke is another way to keep the relationship healthy and fresh.
  • While talking and discussing the matured things also consider each other’s mannerism and believes about a certain type of behaviors.
  1. Addiction can Lead to Ignorance

If you know that your partner will get annoyed when you with your friends, start over-drinking and lose your control and forget about all the commitments of the evening.

  • Don’t give chances to your partner to get extra cautious and suspicious about you.
  • Your partner may feel ignored and less important.
  • She may also think about another possible female in your life.
  • Sometimes it is advisable to go with your mind and ignore your heart for the relationship.
  1. Share Hobbies Together

You can play guitar for her on Skype video call the new jingle that you are practicing these days. You will definitely discuss your connection with the music.

  • You both can watch your favorite YouTube series together, those series that you both agree upon.
  • While you are playing guitar she can indulge you by singing a bit even though if she lacks the talent.
  • You can also pause the video to pass some funny comment about it. Maybe you can have a chance on the future episodes by making some predictions.
  1. Inform Your Family, Your Current Status

It is not just your partner but also your close friends and family members who should be informed about the status of your relationship.

  • The direction where your relationship is heading will give them a sense of assurance.
  • They will support you in unexpected areas.
  • The loneliness and longing for your partner can be reduced with their support.
  • It is just not you but also your friends and relatives who will be working towards the same goal.
  1. Match the Things

If your partner is reading her favorite book to you try to remember the feeling the same feeling that you had experienced when doing some other activity.

  • Discuss some light news about music movies to know more about your taste.
  • When you point out common things from the same song discuss is it in detail.
  • Talk about life at each other’s end and the differences.
  1. Take Strength from Each Other

It is always mutual, you have to give strength to your partner and sometimes you have to take strength from your partner. It will keep the strength element always in between you two.

  • The common goal of you two will keep you together.
  • The small incidents of relationships will create long-lasting memories.
  • Take care of each other during common illness and injuries; suggest some readily available medicines from your kitchen.
  • Encourage each other to enjoy the season, become each other’s strength.
  1. The Struggle will be a Lifelong Lesson

The struggle in long distance relationship will give you lots of lessons to learn and implement them in other problems of your life.

  • This struggle will prepare you for a lifetime. Spread the message to other people; let them get inspired by you.
  • Enjoy the fruits of your struggle in your late life, also you can write a book about it for the next generation.
  • You can handle any situation in life after this experience.
  • You will start learning to think creatively to overcome the hurdles in life.


  • If you do fight, take a step back analyze and resolve the problem, this is the secret to a happy relationship.

Try to balance life by giving importance to your friends and colleagues also. Strikes a good balance don’t get consumed totally into your long distance relationship.