What does Zendaya say about Bella Thorne?

This is old,” Zendaya explained. “This is Bella and I, back in the Shake It Up days.” She went on to explain the back story of the picture and the dynamic of their relationship while working on set together. “I’m not sure where we are or what we were doing, probably on set shooting,” she said. “We were so young.

Why did Zendaya and Bella Thorne stop being friends?

In an interview with Us Weekly, Bella said she and Zendaya were unable to maintain a friendship during the first season of the show because of the constant comparisons. “We had to deal with that so much on Shake It Up,” Bella said.

Are Zendaya and Bella Thorne BFFs?

Bella Thorne and Zendaya weren’t always friends. Between 2010 and 2013, the then-teenage stars played BFFs on the Disney Channel series Shake It Up!. … Bella told Us Weekly, “We were really able to put our cards out on the table and understanding each other.”

Is Bella Thorne engaged?

Bella and Ben announced their engagement back in March, with Ben writing on Instagram at the time, “She said YES.” He also shared several ‘grams of the newly engaged couple sharing a kiss, with Bella’s large, pear-shaped diamond ring on display.

Are Zendaya and Tom Holland together?

Tom and Zendaya reportedly started dating in 2017 but managed to keep their relationship under wraps till last years. It was only after pictures of them kissing emerged that they went public about their relationship.

How old is Bella Thorne?

Who is Zendaya’s Best friend 2020?

The most well-known curren Zendaya best friend is probably Tom Holland. She and her Spider-Man co-star are often seen together promoting the comic book films or even just hanging out.

Who is Tom Holland’s girlfriends?

Holland and Zendaya are still keeping their relationship relatively low-key in public, but they’ve still engaged in some light flirting during the No Way Home press tour. One of their sweetest moments came earlier in December when French outlet AlloCiné asked them to name each other’s best qualities.

Are Zendaya and Tom a couple?

First of all, they trust each other completely. In November, Spider-Man: No Way Home costars, Zendaya and Tom Holland, finally confirmed they’re in a relationship to the elation (and vindication) of fans who’ve suspected it since 2017.

Who is Zendaya’s favorite celebrity?

But there is one name that she has consistently given as her main celebrity crush: Channing Tatum. In response to a fan question on HuffPost Live a year prior, Zendaya said, “One of my [favorite stars] is Channing Tatum, but the list goes on for forever and ever.

Who are Zendaya’s siblings?


Why did Bella Thorne do Shake It Up?

Thorne and Zendaya had to navigate the waters of being teens in the spotlight while on Shake It Up so it took them a while to become close friends. In an interview with Us Weekly, Thorned explained what it was like for them at the time. “We had to deal with that so much on Shake It Up,” she explained.

Why doesn’t Zendaya use her surname?

Zendaya’s last name is Coleman. She dropped her last name professionally—not because she doesn’t love it, but because she wanted to imitate two of her idols. “I [dropped my last name because I] just thought it was cool,” she told Allure in 2016.

Who is Zendaya’s mom?

Is Zendaya a triplet?

Zendaya is one of six children, she has three sisters; Kaylee, Katianna and Annabella, and two brothers; Austin and Julien.

Is Zendaya’s real name Jasmine?

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman was born on September 1, 1996, in Oakland, California, to teachers Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu Coleman.

How old is Zendaya?

What is Zendaya’s birth name?

Is Zendaya a twin?

How many siblings does Zendaya have? Zendaya is the youngest of six children and as far as we know, she is the only famous one. She also is not a twin or triplet or quadruplet… or anything else ‘let. Zendaya has two sisters, Katianna, Kaylee, and AnnaBella, and two brothers named Austin and Julien.

Are Zendaya and Kehlani related?

Although Zendaya once referred to Kehlani as her sister, the pair are not related. They did form a close relationship as children, however, as the pair both grew up in Oakland, California. … “Zendaya was going to be in it at one point. But, yeah, they all grew up together.

Are Zendaya’s parents still together?

In 2016, her parents announced their divorce after being married for 8 years. When the news broke, Zendaya tweeted that her parents had been apart for a long time; “My parents ain’t been together for a long time, y’all didn’t know cause we private + they still homies.”

Who is Zendaya’s sister?


How can I look like Zendaya?

To replicate this look of Zendaya’s, find a midi-length skirt in a neutral color such as charcoal gray or black, and add a cropped sweatshirt with matching high top sneakers. Throw your hair up into a messy topknot for extra points. This look is perfect for a casual shopping outing, or exploring the city.

Who is Zendaya’s dad?