The poppy flower is the one that has been so much overused in the media, in and around us, that it should be a starting point to draw flowers. They are the simplest ones with rounded petals and some stamen at the center on long anthers. If you don’t understand the biological jargons, do not worry, we shall follow a picture and go step by step here.

  1. Gather the References and Materials

Before we begin we will need a reference picture to start with. You will see it carefully and follow the steps given here.

  • Go to Google Search and find a simple poppy flower picture. Here is mine.
  • Grab your pencil, and eraser.
  • Also, get some rough papers like the back side of used A4 documents, old notebooks, newspapers with white space in them too will work fine.
  1. Draw the Guide for the Petals First

If you see your picture, the petals are the only things you can see easily. Now, to make them you have to learn to draw some circles as guides.

  • Draw a small circle about one cm.
  • Draw five circles if you need five petals, and five is good, around this small circle.
  • These should be double the size of the small one, and completely surround the small.
  • Draw them in a clockwise manner one after the other, touching the small circle at their base.
  • Now, the guide is ready, and it should look like a small circle in the center with five circles around it.
  1. Draw a Petal on the Big Circle Guide

Consider the big circle as the guide for the petal. Now, look at the picture closely. Or, take a look at this picture closely. It has four petals.

  • Looking closely, you can see they are like apples, with the broader part on the outside and the smaller base of apple inside towards the center.
  • Draw thus, an apple on the bigger circle as a guide, with its top part outwards, and bottom part inward.
  • Erase the rest of the circle that falls outside the apple.
  1. Repeat for Other Petals

Remember that these petals are like small apples with the top portion, broader portion, outwards, and the smaller or base portion inward. They touch the small circle at the center as if sitting on them.

  • We are drawing five petals, so we will draw five apples.
  • Start with the second one, and then the third one and continue.
  • Remember that some apples may overlap on another one and its fine.
  • Erase one of the overlapping lines, if so.
  • Then the erased petal will seem under the other petal.
  1. Add Some Details to the Petals

Once you have done all the five petals and erased any overlapping lines from the bigger circles or the apples after you made them, we will add details.

  • Draw some lines short and long at random from the inner circle towards outside over a petal.
  • Do not overdo them, just three or four lines.
  • Draw them inside each petal.

Now, add the details to the center circle. This is the part which has small stalks with rounded seed-like things hanging on them.

  • Draw small lines about five or seven of them arising from the center circle, 1 cm in length.
  • Draw small, tiny ovals at the top of them, at other ends.
  • This completes the poppy.


  • You can also think of the petals like triangles with a curved outward bulge on one side, the corners are rounded.
  • The triangle sits with one corner inside touching the inner circle, and two corners outside.