You are in a hurry and you have to get to the cab, but a little bit of makeup are not done yet. Or, maybe you are inside a cab and you just need to do a little touch-up. Applying nail polish is easier than before, but you also have to dry it out faster and at times when the clock is ticking. Maybe you are on a flight and got yourself a mangled index nail and you need some tips.

  1. Apply a Good Brand, and Apply Well

A lot of expectations for a faster drying nail polish emerge from a bad application. If you can put the coats thin, your results will be always better. Also, textures dry almost instantly then just paint. There are instant-dry nail polishes that are available in the market too. From just a couple of minutes, they can dry your coat quickly. You can check for instance-dry formulas at your local drugstore too. Also, you can take help of an external “drying agent” polish over the actual coat. These work fines even when the coat is thicker below.

  1. Drying with Cold Water

This is sort of an external agent that needs nothing to buy from anywhere or any further application of coatings. The question is as to how it works? So, to get this procedure done, bring some cool, maybe melt from ice, in a small bowl. Use any finger bowl that you use after dinner. Don’t make it very chilly for frostbite fear, but still keep it with ice cubes and cold. In this process, you continue from the Step One, without using any drying agent. Do remember to paint your nails and let them dry for about a minute. That is, right after the last nail is done, or the last coat is done, wait for a minute. You can even time it.

  1. Now, Dunk your Fingers

This is time to use some dunking donuts, as in, dipping your fingers in the cool water inside the bowl. Dunk all of them together. Even if you feel chilly just let them be, of course, as you have taken care that it is not freezing cold. Keep your fingers dipped inside for two to three minutes at maximum. This can be timed too. Now, you remove them and you can notice a few drops of water on the top of the polish. This means the paint is firm. Touch and make sure. You are now done.