The normal temperature of the human body is 37 degrees Celsius of 98.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

When your body temperature elevates above 37 degrees, you get a fever.

Usually, the cause of fever is a bacterial or viral infection. When an infection occurs, you get cold, flu, sore throat, etc. Your immune system response to these symptoms and raises body temperature. This is what we call fever.

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Anyway, many young people including teenagers fake a fever to avoid going to school. You can fake a fever for any reason. Although we don’t encourage faking a fever, in some cases, there is no other way to avoid the situation. Here are a few incredible ways to fake a fever. Read on!

How to fake your skin temperature?  

You may not know but there are quick ways to fake a fever. You can raise your body’s temperature and pretend in front of your parents or older siblings. First, you need to take a flannel or a cloth and then pour some hot water on it. You need to do this carefully. After pouring hot water on the cloth, you need to place it on your forehead for 3-5 minutes.

Make sure your forehead is dry. Otherwise, your parent will suspect that you are faking a fever. Remove the cloth and dry your forehead. Pretend as if you are feeling cold. Ask you, parents, to check your temperature.

Most probably, your father or mother will touch your forehead and feel that you are warm. If your mother gives you medication, don’t take it. Try to play smart if you don’t want to go to school the next morning.

How to fake body heat and sweat?

You can easily fake your body sweat and body heat. For example, to fake sweat, close the door of your room, turn “OFF” the fan, shut the windows, and take out winter clothes. Then, put on your warm clothes. For example, you can wear a long, warm, thick coat.

Also, you can wrap yourself in a blanket. Within 4-5 minutes, you will feel that the temperature is rising. Likewise, your body will start sweating. Here, you need to work fast. To fake a fever and sweat, slide the blanket under the bed, hide the warm coat, and go out.

Tell your parents that you are not feeling well. Your mother will touch your forehead to check if you have a fever. She will take you back to the room, give you some pills, and ask you to rest. Again, distract your mother and throw the pill away.

How to fake a fever with food?

There are a few food items that can increase your body’s temperature. To fake a fever, people advise eating hot drinks and meals such as soup, tea, and stew, etc. The food items or drinks can elevate your body temperature quickly. This is an easy way to fake a fever.

Moreover, peppercorns, peppers, harissa, jalapeno, chili, and other types of spicy food can also raise your body temperature. Vitamin B rich foods are also good for increasing your body temperature.

Let us not tell you an old but popular method to fake a fever. You can put an onion under on your armpits. Within a few minutes, you will start feeling a rise in your body temperature. We think this is an easy way to fake a fever.

Even though you are in bed using your cellphone watching a movie on Netflix, your mother comes in and check for your fever. The presence of onion on your armpits will keep the temperature high. Your mother may call a family doctor to come and check your condition. If you face such a situation, try to convince your mother that you will feel good in a couple of hours.

How to fake fever with a thermometer?

People have been using a thermometer to check their body temperatures for years. This is a common tool that measures the temperature of the body. You can easily tamper the results of the thermometer.

The easiest way to fake a fewer with a thermometer is to rub it in your palms for two minutes. You will see that thermometer is showing elevated figures. Go to your mom’s room quickly while having the thermometer in your mouth. Make sure you put it in your mouth for 5 seconds only. This is just to show your parents that you are checking fever.

Give a thermometer to your mom. She will read the figures and believe that you have a fever. This way, you can fake it. Another way to quickly heat your thermometer is by putting in a cup of hot water. This is the most effective way to fake a fever. You can also use a cup of coffee or tea. A boiling cup of water, however, is our suggestion.

Make sure the temperature does not go above 38 degrees Celsius or 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, your mother will catch you red-handed. She won’t believe you even if you have a real fever in the future. So, again, you need to act smartly.

Another trick to raise the thermometer’s temperature quickly is using the light bulb’s heat. Go near the light bulb in your room and put the thermometer near it.

Wait for a few seconds and when the temperature reaches 38 or 39 degrees Celsius, then show the figure to your mother or father. They will believe you and thus you can avoid going to school or tuition classes.

How to fake fever symptoms?  

The most common symptoms of fever are cold, chills, muscle aches, headache, and discomfort in your body. Elevated temperature levels also characterize a fever. If you want your parents or older siblings or any other family member to believe you, then you need to work more. What we mean to say that you have to fake the symptoms.

The first thing is to make your face look tired and discomforting. For example, when you wake up in the morning, you have a dull face. You can take advantage of your dull face and start pretending right away.

Make sure you start coughing in your room and say words like “Oh God, my body hurts” loudly so that your mother or father can come in and check your condition. This is a good way to fake symptoms. Many people do this!

You can use warm water and pour it on your back. It will show your parents that your back is sweating. Tell your parents that you have been feeling cold last night. Also, tell them that your body started shivering a few hours ago. Pretend!

Don’t do acting or create a dramatic scene. Otherwise, they will catch you right away. Again, you need to act smartly. For example, you can shiver realistically – i.e. hold your arm and leg muscles and then start pressing your body randomly. Hold your shoulders for a minute or two. You will see that your shoulder muscles start shivering.

Important Considerations

  • Don’t show off or pretend unrealistically.
  • Tell your mother that you want to go to school.
  • Go to the bathroom and start making slight noises. (As if you have pain in stomach).
  • Try to distract your parents and throw away any medication they give you.
  • Don’t eat food for a fever because you are faking it.
  • Hide the blanket, warm clothes, etc. if you are faking a fever in summer.
  • The only thing you should drink is water.
  • Tell your mother you have pain in your body.


People can fake a fever for many reasons. However, the tips and tricks mentioned in this article are for older children and teenagers who want to avoid school or college. Faking a fever is not easy – it requires careful planning and effort. The moment your parents catch you for faking it, they will pour water on your hard work. So, you must act carefully. Remember this.

Make sure you raise your body temperature by wearing warm clothes are wrapping yourself in the blanket. Don’t forget to put the onion on your armpits and eat spicy food. Also, you need to tamper the results of the thermometer. For example, you can put it in a cup of hot water, coffee, or tea. You can also heat it through the light bulb.

Faking a fever is the main excuse used by teenagers to avoid going to school. Although this is unethical, if you haven’t done the homework and try to avoid punishment, this is a good way.

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