Faking sick days to get one rest day (whether at school or work) is an experience that a lot of people do at least once in their lives.

And no doubt faking a pink eye is one of the most common tricks up some people’s mischievous sleevesIn this article, we’ll feature the five most harmful ways to fake a pink eye.

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What is a pink eye?

According to Mayo Clinic, Conjunctivitis or Pinkeye happens when a part of the eye – the conjunctiva is inflamed. Conjunctiva is the mucous membrane present in front of the eyes. It is also present inside the eyelids to protect our eyes properly. You can’t see this mucous using a mirror because it is transparent.

There are a lot of reasons why Pink Eye can happen: including viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, irritants, and allergic reactions. One can induce fake pink eye conditions either via irritants or the natural reaction to the situation. However, most cases of conjunctivitis inflammation are via bacterial infection.

When the cause of a pink eye is an infection caused by bacteria and viruses, this is where it becomes dangerous. People can contract a pink eye infection if these two will spread from one person to another. Hence, if you have one bad case of this infection, you will likely get excused from work or school.

Symptoms of pink eye include itchiness, thick mucus discharge, teary eyes, and slight blurring of vision. If you want to get one, you must be very careful with how you will get the pinkish effect. You might end up getting a real pink eye, or worst, get blind.

Faking a pink eye – is it safe?

As long as you don’t introduce your eyes to harmful chemicals and irritants, it’s quite safe to fake a pink eye. Harmful irritants like dust, acid, and other substances can still damage the eyes. Mostly, the methods below can give the color using natural means, with no chemicals at all, to avoid eye burns.

Take note: we don’t recommend these tips for regular purposes, as not to promote a decline in performance for both school and workplace. Only do these options if you want to decline an indeclinable event.

Ways to make your eyes red

  1. Rubbing your eyes until its pink

By rubbing the area around your eyes, you can get the pink appearance that you want. This causes histamine to be produced. Releasing histamine causes swelling and inflammation. This chemical only gets released if there are triggers that can harm the organ, like rubbing around it.

Take note: you can get conjunctivitis or a real pink eye if you rubbed your eyes with dirty hands. Besides, when you use dirty hands, there’s a big chance that your eyes can have more than conjunctivitis. Don’t rub on your eyeballs and eyelids directly, as this can get your eyes infected.

  1. Drying it out naturally

There’s a reason why people who spend most of their time in front of a screen are prone to getting pinkish eye color: they blink less. Blinking provides the needed lubrication to keep the eye functioning properly. Once the lubricant dries out, the eyes get irritation and start turning red. To make the process faster, get in front of a fan, and try not to blink. Don’t forget to rehydrate your eyes after.

  1. Swim in the pool

A condition called “Swimmer’s Eye” happens when someone swims too long using pools. The chlorine and other chemicals that keep the water clean can damage the tear film, which protects the eye. In the short-term, you will likely get a fake pink eye. However, swimming in a long time without protective gear such as swimming goggles can give you the real pinkeye. If you’re planning to get your pink eye via this method, make sure that you’ll be swimming in a pool with few or no other swimmers.

  1. Don’t sleep

Just like the reason why heavy usage of electronic devices gets red eyes, not sleeping will make your eyes red. Infrequent blinking causes severe eye dryness. Whether you’re getting things done for your school, or whether you’re addicted so fixed in getting a book done, you ought to get a fake pink eye afterward. Sometimes, using the computer and not sleeping alone can be the reason why a pink eye can worsen.

  1. Play with an onion

Perhaps, the best yet most unenjoyable way to get a fake pink eye is to play with onion for a while. As usual, slicing an onion and dicing it is quite effective by itself. You don’t have to apply the onion directly to your eye. A sulfur compound called syn-propanediol-S-oxide is responsible for your teary reaction while chopping onion.

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