If you have just adopted a dog that is malnourished, it’s important that you learn how to fatten it up and nurse it back to health as effectively as possible.

This process can take a little while, and there are certain tips that will help you take care of your new pet.

  1. Get Your Dog Dewormed
  • Some dogs rapidly lose weight due to parasitic worms in their intestinal tract. It is crucial that you take your dog to the vet to get looked at as soon as possible.
  • They will give you medication to get rid of the worms or prevent them from becoming a problem in the future. Since this is a very common cause of weight loss among dogs, you need to do it.
  1. Research Food Options
  • There are lots of different types of foods and diets that you can put your dog on, and it will be necessary to do some research. The more time you spend getting this information, the better your chances are of fattening up your dog more efficiently.
  • A raw meat diet is something to consider, and it is very healthy for your pet. You may also want to think about feeding your dog chicken and cottage cheese.
  1. Start an Exercise Regimen
  • While many people think of exercise as a way to keep a dog trim, it is an important part of maintaining their overall health. It will help them build lean muscle and bulk up quickly.
  • You should make a point of taking your dog out for a walk or run at least 1-2 times each day. Take your pet to a dog park if you live near one. This will give it the chance to socialize with other animals while getting lots of good exercises.
  1. Give Your Dog Supplements
  • If your dog is malnourished, you should absolutely give it certain supplements on a regular basis. This will provide your dog with the energy it needs to stay active and healthy.
  • A lot of people are giving their dogs probiotics because of the many health benefits associated with them. These supplements can help your dog with gaining weight and stimulating its appetite.
  1. Dress up their Food

If you are having issues getting your dog to eat all of its food, you might want to think about putting some Greek yogurt or peanut butter on it.

This can provide the dog with additional motivation to eat. Sometimes dogs that have been abused and denied food by their previous owners have a difficult time feeling free to eat.


  • It is very important that you take your dog into your veterinarian on a regular basis for check-ups. This will allow you to track your dog’s weight and ensure that their health is actually improving,
  • Never try forcing your dog to eat. There are a lot of ways to encourage their appetite, but you should never try to physically force feed them. This can have the opposite intended result.