Divorce records are available to the public, so you shouldn’t have too difficult of a time getting them for any person. Since there are different ways to get these records, it is important to know what your options are. If you are curious as to if someone you know is really divorced, this information can definitely be useful.

  1. Visit the Court Clerk’s Office

You should first try visiting the court clerk’s office to see if you can get divorce records for a certain person. All courts keep official divorce decrees on file for a minimum of 10 years. You will first need to know which county the divorce was filed in. Once you have that information, you can go down to the courthouse. You can expect to be charged a fee for this information. The amount you will pay depends on where you live. They will likely ask you to fill out and submit a request form, which can take anywhere from two weeks to several months to process.

  1. Office of Vital Records

Every county has an office of vital records that you can also try going to for divorce records. You can go down in person or visit the office’s website. Some of these websites will allow you to get the records you want without even having to leave home. You will need to know the full name of the person as well as the county their divorce was filed in. This is one of the most efficient ways to get this type of information.

  1. Your Attorney

If you are looking for a copy of your own divorce decree, you can always try contacting the lawyer who represented you. There is a good chance that they can help you out, but it depends on how long ago you got divorced. You could need this document if you want to get remarried or plan on changing your name. Not all attorneys hang out to hard copies of client records, but it is definitely still worth trying.

  1. Third Party Sites

You will have a lot of third-party sites to choose from when it comes to getting a person’s divorce records. If you don’t need a hard copy of these records, this is definitely an option to consider. There are lots of websites that offer background check services that can be very helpful in this situation. Be careful about which websites you use, as not all of them are reputable or secure. The more research you do into these websites, the easier it will be to get what you need without wasting any money.


  • If you are looking for divorce records of a family member because you are creating a family tree, your local historical society might be able to help. This information can help you with your genealogy project.

Keep in mind that it takes up to 90 days for a divorce to be finalized and go into the records. You might not be able to find any documentation, depending on how recent the divorce was.

Can you look up someone’s divorce?

Most States may allow persons to view some information relating to a specific divorce online but may not provide a copy of the divorce decree or certificate except the interested person approaches the office of Court Clerk of the relevant County – the county where the divorce was filed.

Are Texas divorce records public?

Divorce records in Texas are public, so anyone can access them by following a few simple steps. These steps are the same regardless of whether you want to access public divorce records in Texas from your home or in person at the clerk’s office.

Can i find divorce records online UK?

The following records are available to view online: Divorce case files for England and Wales, 1858-1916 at Ancestry.co.uk (charges apply). The original records are held under reference J 77/1/A1 to J 77/1063/2238. Articles covering newsworthy divorce cases 1785-1985 – for these search The Times Archive (charges apply)

Are divorce files public?

While many people consider divorce to be a private affair, the courts in all provinces except Quebec keep documents pertaining to civil and family cases open to the public. This means that everything presented as evidence in an Alberta divorce is available to the public.

Are reasons for divorce made public?

The reason cited for divorce are never made public, so you don’t need to worry about airing your laundry in public. Here are the 5 facts: Unreasonable Behaviour. infidelity.

How can u find out if someone is still married?

Go to the courthouse of the city where the marriage was likely to occur. Public records can be useful for finding out whether someone is married now, or what their marriage history has been in the past. Marriage records are public; you can usually see a copy for free or for a small fee.

How can you find out if someone is married online?

Today, information relating to marriage between persons is publicly registered and can be obtained online through verifiable websites like staterecords.org which provide easy access to the public records in full compliance with all laws relating to the confidentiality of certain information.

How do you ask for years of marriage?

‘ or ‘how long were you married‘? – Quora. If you are asking someone who is currently married, the question is “how long have you been married?” Alternatively, you can ask “How long AGO were you married?” Both questions should get you a time duration answer.

When should you get engaged?

“Each couple is different depending on age and circumstances, but a reasonable amount of time to be engaged is one to three years,” she says. Each couple is different depending on age and circumstances, but a reasonable amount of time to be engaged is one to three years.

How do I become officially married?

  1. Step 1: Set a Date and Place for Your Wedding.
  2. Step 2: Visit the County Clerk.
  3. Step 3: Get Signatures From Your Officiant and Marriage License Witnesses.
  4. Step 4: The Officiant Turns in the Completed Marriage License to the County.

How long should you wait for marriage?

Researchers found the ‘right’ amount of time to date before getting married — and it’s not as long as you‘d think. A study found that waiting a bit to get married can decrease the likelihood you‘ll get divorced. Specifically, waiting three years or more decreases the likelihood of divorce by 50%.

What’s the best age to get married?

“The ideal age to get married, with the least likelihood of divorce in the first five years, is 28 to 32,” says Carrie Krawiec, a marriage and family therapist at Birmingham Maple Clinic in Troy, Michigan. “Called the ‘Goldilocks theory,’ the idea is that people at this age are not too old and not too young.”

Why do relationships fail after 2 years?

According to the statistics, most relationships normally come to an end after a duration of two years. This is the time when the partners have gotten used to each other and they don’t care about each other. The most factor that causes the end of relationship is unfaithfulness between the partners.

Is 6 months too soon to get engaged?

“It’s best to wait until at least 3-6 months to see if the feelings you have are for real or just a fading spark of lust. You need to have emotional and rational feelings towards one another.” However, award-winning relationship expert Sarah Louise Ryan said that it’s never too soon.

How long should you date before proposing?

Give Yourself Time to Know Your Partner Through the Good Times and the Bad. As a baseline, Ian Kerner, PhD, LMFT, licensed psychotherapist, couple’s therapist and author of She Comes First, suggests that one to two years is often a good amount of time to date before getting engaged.

Is 6 months too soon to talk about marriage?

If you feel ready to take the leap, there’s no set time frame to talk about it, whether it’s after six months or two year. You can subtly bring it up by talking broadly about the future: How do they feel about people living together before marriage?

Is it OK to get married after 6 months of dating?

Six months to you may be a short time, whilst to a couple who do love each other and feel completely comfortable with each other, they may feel it is right to take the next step and marry. There is no ‘time limit’ to as to when you should get married. There are people who even marry after a few weeks.