If you are romantically involved with someone and want to find out if they are divorced, there are multiple ways to check. The methods listed in this article will help you get to the truth. Some people who have been divorced aren’t very forthcoming, so it’s important to get this information.

  1. Go Down to the Courthouse

The most definitive way of finding out if someone is divorced is to request the official records from your local courthouse. Not every state in the U.S. has the same protocol for obtaining these records, so you need to find out what yours is. You will probably have to pay some sort of fee, though it is usually fairly small. Since divorce proceedings are a matter of public record, there shouldn’t be anything preventing you from getting these documents. You have to visit the courthouse where the divorce was filed.

  1. Use a Background Check Website

There are numerous websites that offer background check services. It is important that you take the time to find a website that is reputable so you don’t just waste your money. As long as you have the person’s full name, you should be able to get this information. The results will be sent to you via email. A vast majority of these sites will require you to pay a fee. These sites can provide you with a lot of detailed information on the person other than just their marital status.

  1. Use the DMV Website

You can also go to DMV.org to get divorce records for a certain person. You will be asked to enter the first and last name of the person, as well as the state they live in. This method will require you to pay a fee as well.

  1. Look for the Signs

If the person isn’t wearing a wedding band or ring, you can always look for the indentation where one used to be. Those who have recently gotten divorced will likely have this mark on their ring finger. While this isn’t a definitive way to tell if someone is divorced, it can be a useful method to get this type of information.

  1. Use Social Media

If you don’t want to pay a fee to find out if someone has been divorced, you can also try going on their social media accounts. These days people post a lot of things about themselves on websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. This could yield some useful information that will help you get an answer to your question.

  1. Ask Friends of the Person

Those who are closest to the person will likely know if they have been divorced, so you should try this as well. There is always the chance that your asking around could get back to them, so it is somewhat of a risk.


  • If the person is currently going through a divorce, you may not be able to get any records on it. This will depend on what stage they are at in their divorce.

How can you find out if someone is really divorced?

How to Find Divorce Records?
  1. When looking for divorce records an interested person may search online. Websites like Staterecords.org are often the first stop when searching for divorce records online.
  2. The applicant may search the County court’s website or the State’s archives for divorce papers online.

Are divorces public knowledge?

Generally, court proceedings are public matters. When a court files divorce records under seal, confidential or sensitive information within those records remains private and doesn’t become a matter of public record. Courts can order entire records or portions of them to be filed under seal.

Can you see divorce records online UK?

The following records are available to view online: Divorce case files for England and Wales, 1858-1916 at Ancestry.co.uk (charges apply). The original records are held under reference J 77/1/A1 to J 77/1063/2238.

How do you find out if someone is divorced UK?

You will need to contact the court where the divorce was granted, which is going to be at the Royal Courts of Justice or a local county court. You will have to provide them with some basic information so that they can search for the divorce records.

Are UK divorce records public?

What divorce records in the UK are public? Whilst divorce files can contain petitions, certificates and copies of the decrees nisi and absolute, only the decree absolute is public.

What is on a decree absolute?

A Decree Absolute, again, specifies the names of the parties, the Court and case number. It states the date and place of the marriage or civil partnership and states that the marriage is dissolved. It contains notes, designed to inform persons who do not have the assistance of a lawyer, of the legal effects of divorce.

Is there a fee for decree absolute?

You can apply for a decree absolute 6 weeks after you get the decree nisi. In these cases, it’s also called a ‘decree of nullity’. The decree absolute fee is included in the annulment cost.

How do I find my decree absolute?

You can ask the Central Family Court to search for the decree absolute or final order. Fill in form D440 and send it to the address on the form. It costs £65 for each 10 year period that’s searched.

Are you still a Mrs after divorce?

After a divorce, a woman might keep her married name. If this is the case, then you can either use “Mrs.” or “Ms.” to address the guest and use her first name. If she is using her maiden name, then use “Ms.” along with her first name and maiden name.

Is a divorced person considered single?

Yes, from language perspective, a person is generally consideredsingle” in any of the following situations: never married. widowed. divorced.

Can ex wife go after new wife’s income?

In California, all parents must care for their children financially, whether they’re married or divorced. In certain situations, however, the new spouse’s income may become part of community property shared with your exspouse and be considered in the child support calculation.

Can I revert to my maiden name after divorce?

Changing your name after divorce

All you need to revert your ID and bank accounts back to your maiden name after you divorce is your decree absolute and your marriage certificate. Alternatively, you can change your name by deed poll and present this document instead.

Can I just start using my maiden name again?

You can go back to using your maiden name freely until you’ve filled out all the legal paperwork. Choosing to change your last name after a divorce is ultimately a personal preference. Some people want to keep it because they have kids or they wait until they remarry.

Does my name automatically change when I get divorced?

This is a question that we are commonly asked, as it is easy to assume that, because your surname changes when you get married, equally when you get divorced, it will revert to your maiden name. However, this is not the case.

Should I change my surname after divorce?

Legally speaking, it doesn’t make any difference whether you use your divorce documents or a deed poll to change your name. Either way, it’s not the document itself that changes your name, it’s just evidence of the fact that your name’s been changed — legally, your name is changed by usage.

Can I legally make my ex wife change her name?

After a divorce, you cannot legally force your exwife to change back to her maiden name. She has the right to keep your last name. Additionally, discussing what name she will continue to use after your marriage is over during the divorce proceedings can be mutually beneficial.

Why do ex wives keep their ex husband’s last name?

Reasons women may want to keep their exhusband’s last name

Continuity with children — One of the most common reasons an ex may keep your last name is to keep her name the same as any children. Professionalism — Another common reason is the fact that many women are married around when they are beginning their careers.

What needs to be changed after divorce?