You may need to find a phone’s location with the help of its number of a friend that is in need or anything else, this will help you to find you the location.

Here are four ways which will help you find a phone’s location with their phone number.

  1. Look for Caller ID

Now, it’s time for you to check your phone’s caller ID. These days all smartphones as coined ’smart’ and digital devices have a built-in caller ID which is specific to each specific device

  • And tells you the city in which the mobile number active in the device.
  • Nowadays, on an incoming call device show a city and state (or region) along with the phone number.
  • That should be enough for you, tell them where the person who’s calling you has his phone number registered.
  1. Area Code

Every phone number has a specific area code incorporated in the phone number.

  • In the US, it is a three digit code, in a set of parentheses referring to a specific region the whole country.
  • To know the specific area code for specific regions is to look it up on Google, by searching ‘area code’ on any search engine.
  1. Social Media can Help

Look up the number on any social media website. This isn’t a guaranteed trick, it may work, and it may not.

  • But, these days social media is so common looking up a phone number on social media will bring up results for specific people.
  • Social media sites now allow users to post their own locations, this may help you to look up a person’s updated location on the website, even if the location attached to their phone is now outdated.
  • But, like most social media providers, don’t keep the number public at first, so for this work, the user you want to look up must have kept their phone number public for this to work.
  1. Unmask the Number

If you don’t know the phone number because the caller is masking their number, you can unmask the number and then call it from a friend’s phone to see if the caller picks up.

  • If the number is associated with a big corporation, you will have to go through an automated reply Machine process before you can connect with a real person.
  • Most companies upon connecting at first announce their identities, so it gets easier to find out who’s calling.
  • Still, if you are not able to know who’s calling because the caller ID is masked, you can unmask the phone number and then try calling it from a friend’s phone, to check if the caller picks it up.


  • First and foremost, you need to learn that it’s impossible for you to track the phone to its exact location.
  • As it is impossible for you to track exact locations, try and ignore all applications and website which commit the same as they are a scam at best.

And at worst you are at severe Risk of identity theft.