Amazon provides a fantastic affiliate program that lets you earn commissions on millions of products.

These steps will help you to find the perfect products to sell from your website.

  1. Choose a specific category of products to sell. Your affiliate site should focus on one set of items only, like water heaters, toilets, or sports equipment.
  1. Find the products which have the most persuasive reviews. Try to avoid any products that are under a four-star rating.
  1. Build reviews of the best items that you can find. You will need to be authentic to create useful content, which means finding a way to test the products whenever possible.
  1. Create a domain that will help you to sell Amazon products as an affiliate.
  • Use a clean domain that no one else has published content on before to avoid any unwanted search engine penalties.
  • Your URLs should be content-specific to encourage better SEO results.
  • Create original content that promotes each item to reduce the risk of rejection.
  1. Choose product categories that most people would find “boring”. You’ll find fewer competitors in that area, which means there are more opportunities to start selling.

TIP: If you want to find products to sell on Amazon that you create, then your only limitation is what you can imagine. As long as the item meets the terms of service guidelines, you can create a listing or publish on this e-commerce site at your convenience.

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