Tinder is a mobile application especially used for dating.

This application will show the matches for you, among that, you choose to have to anyone to date or flirtHere is how to flirt on Tinder.

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Flirt on Tinder with a Guy

Flirting with a guy and impressing him is not easy all times. You must know how to impress a guy by simply chatting with him. The following steps will help you flirt with a guy and be successful.

  • Make sure to set a profile picture that talks more than you. You should make 5 to 6 pictures of yourself that look dazzling and breath-taking.
  • Can keep one as your profile picture and send other pictures to the match before starting a conversation.
  • You should upload your recent photos rather than pictures that are two to three years old.
  • When telling about you, less is good. Do not tell about you for a long time. This may bore that guy.
  • You can start the conversation rather than waiting for him to kick start it.
  • You can complement his looks, dressing, and the way he talks. Flirting is all about confidence. Do not wait for your turn. Be open and talk to him with an open mind.

Flirt on Tinder without being Creepy

When flirting with a guy or girl, you should not be creepy. If you cause any unpleasant feeling like fear or uneasiness, the chat won’t be interesting and get you the results you want.

  • One of the best ways to get someone’s attention is to take some time to look at them and compliment them.
  • Do not talk anything sexy right from the beginning. This will make the person uneasy or disinterested. Your conversation should be gentle and pleasing.
  • You should build an attraction towards you rather than straight away asking him or her for a date.
  • Build the attraction and make him or her fall for you. Do not confuse flirt with a date. Both are different and needs different approaches.
  • If she is interested in flirting with you, start talking a bit intimate and build up to it to the next level. Have fun with him or her.

Flirt on Tinder Reddit

Flirting is an absolute pleasure for both men and women. However, the thing is that you should be more careful when flirting with someone on Tinder.

  • Download and install Tinder (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tinder&hl=en_IN) on your device. Tap to open it. Set your profile picture.
  • Make some matches. Choose anyone with whom you want to flirt.
  • Start the conversation. If you did not get any response from that chat, choose another and start the conversation.
  • There is nothing to get discouraged or disturbed when you do not receive any reply. There are many people to choose from.
  • Be creative with opening lines, as a single ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’ won’t do it for you. Ask some interesting questions. Build up this until he or she is ready to flirt.


Flirting is not that easy. It is a sensitive thing that should be handled with care. Ensure to follow the above-mentioned steps precisely to be successful in flirting.

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