Twitter is a trending social media network that has so many followers.

If you want to get famous on Twitter by outplaying your followers, you have to just follow the below-mentioned tips and implement them.

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Keep Tweeting Like Famous Bloggers

For getting famous on Twitter, you have to make sure to post or tweet every day. Tweeting occasionally won’t help you to be recognizable on Twitter.

  • Tweet something interesting or ask your followers any question. Do not tweet like ‘Hi’, ‘How are You?’ or something else likes that. Instead, the matter you share on your Twitter account should be interesting.
  • You should be transparent and active. Can share any interesting things that happened in your life. You might get tweets or followers that are passionate to read through your daily dramas.
  • You must retweet to other tweets so that you can get more likes or comments about your tweet. By the way, you can build your network of followers.

Follow Others and Your Followers

Of course, you should follow back who follow you. This helps you to increase your followers and be famous on Twitter.

  • You should follow real people rather than following any groups, charities, or communities; because they won’t follow you back.
  • On the other hand, do not follow a large number of people like 400 or 500 people at a time. Because they might think that you are a spammer.
  • Explore tweets and followers who are real and genuine. Let them follow you back. You should keep following a new group of people.

Let Your Followers Come Back to You

Just having enough followers won’t help you to become famous on Twitter. You must do something that can keep your followers coming back to you for more.

  • Do not stop posting or tweeting after you have got a large number of followers. People like consistency, so if you have stopped tweeting, they might unfollow you.
  • Make sure you tweet or post at least twice a week to keep your followers in check.
  • Your followers should be expecting your tweets and what is next.

Ask Questions

Asking questions is one of the best ways to keep people occupied in your tweets.

  • When you have asked a question, it is natural that you will get so many replies and answers to it. You may not have time to respond to all those answers you have received, but at least make sure to like their answers or send general thanks.
  • Do not ask a question before you sign out your Twitter account (, because you cannot be able to respond to your tweets. Make sure you will be there for a while for replying to their tweets.
  • Make sure to ask questions when most people are online. Do not post anything on a peak time, as you won’t get responses to your tweets. Ask your followers to re-tweet.

Tweet Frequently, But not too Often

You definitely have to tweet regularly. Consider the following things:

  • One or two tweets are enough for a day. Do not tweet a question after question, as this can leave your followers no time to reply or in confusion about which of your questions they should reply first.
  • Ask questions of the same category a day. This will help them to learn about the things of the same niche.

Gather Followers from Other Social Networks

If you want to become famous on Twitter, you should canvas people to follow you on Twitter.

  • You might have friends on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more. You can ask those friends to follow you on Twitter. For a token of respect, you can follow them back.
  • Make sure to like or comment on the funny tweets posted by the other tweets. Twitter users want to receive more comments or likes for something funny they have posted. If you do, you will get more followers in return.

Participate in the Conversation

Not only you, but all of your tweets may also post questions or videos on Twitter. You make sure to view and reply to those ones.

  • You must take part in the conversation that is going on between your other followers.
  • Create Hashtags and follow the trending tweets or Hashtags.


Besides all these things, you must be an active user to become famous and recognizable on Twitter.

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