Being in middle school is sort of an adventure. You get to make new friends. Also, you get to meet many girls. It might be that you are attracted to someone and would like to have her as your girlfriend. No, you should take hasty steps. You have to be careful not to make the wrong impression or overdo yourself. These ideas given below will help you to stand out among the crowd.

  1. Be Yourself

In order to get yourself noticed, the first thing that you need to do is be yourself. You need to be creative but it is also important to ensure that you are completely honest with her. You obviously want the girl to like real you and not someone who is pretending,

  • Continue with the activities that you like doing. For example, if you do not like sports then don’t pretend as you do.
  • Abide by your own beliefs and code of conduct. Altering your belief to grab the attention of someone you like would only mean that you are not confident about yourself. Hence, the girl might find it hard to give you respect.
  • Stay in your comfort zone. This will enable you to avoid any kind of awkward situations.
  1. Get to Know Her

The next important step that you have to take is trying to get to know her. If you make an effort to know her and tell her that you are trying to understand what she truly believes in, she is going to be attracted to you.

  • Ask about her hobbies and what she likes doing.
  • Listen to her when she talks. Do not simply sit there and nod your head without paying attention. Give your own contribution to the conversation by adding a question or a comment.
  • Ask her about the friends she has and try to find about more about them.
  • Talk to her about her family. Find out if she has a sibling if she has an extended family, or whether or not she lives with her parents.
  • Ask her about her favorite color, food, movies, and pastime. However, make sure that you do not ask her these all at once. Take your time.
  1. Dress Appropriately

It is important that you look at your best self. However, don’t just all your pocket money on brand new clothes. 

  • Check for tears and rips in your clothes. They should be clean.
  • Put on clothes that are somewhat new and bright rather than the ones which have faded over time.
  • Set your hair properly.
  • Be clean and make sure that you smell good. It might seem like an obvious point but many people out there tend to neglect this. For instance, if you have been playing and will meet thereafter, take a quick shower. This helps in creating a good impression.
  • In case you have acne, visit a dermatologist to get it cured. At times, these make you feel self-conscious and all you need is confidence.
  • Do not use too much cologne. Some people are sensitive to it and hence, can make the girl you like nauseated.
  1. Capture Her Attention

It is time that you grab her attention and make sure that she notices you.

  • Find a balance between not ignoring your own friends and trying to get to know her. When you see her, separate from your friends and say hello. However, make sure that you get back to your friends.
  • If you run into her during an event, say hello. You should be afraid to have a conversation with her. If you have to ask her something, go ahead.
  1. Compliment Her

When you see her, make sure that you compliment her. You shouldn’t worry about being cheesy. All you need to do is make sure that the compliments are reasonable.

  • Tell her why you like her. If you love how she laughs, compliment her about it.
  • Do you feel that she looks particularly nice on a certain day? Tell her that but you shouldn’t come out too strong.
  • Usually, a girl doesn’t like someone who wants to be with because she is popular or pretty. Hence, while complimenting emphasize on her accomplishments or personality.
  1. Body Language is Crucial

In order to understand what she feels, you have to understand her body language. Pay close attention to it.

  • She smiles more often at what you say.
  • When you are speaking, you see her leaning towards you.
  • You catch her looking at you and see her making eye contact.
  • Even if you crack cheesy jokes, she laughs at it.
  • She might even put her hand on your shoulder or arm while making conversation with you.
  1. Make Her Feel She is Special

It is time to make her feel that she is really special. This will make her understand that you are interested in her.

  • Try to provide your help to her. For example, you can carry her books, help her out with the school project, or just open the locker for her.
  • Take her phone number and send her a text saying that you are thinking about her.
  • Get her to help you with school work. In case she is good in a particular subject, you can ask her to help you out.
  • You need to tell her that you are happy to see her and liked the conversation that you had with her. She should know that you feel comfortable talking to her.
  1. Figure Out How She Feels about You

You might be scared to ask her out on a date. It might be that you are scared that she is going to say no. Thus, it is necessary to find out how she feels about you.

  • Check her body language and notice if she seeks you out.
  • Notice if she is sitting beside you in class.
  • Does she take interest in what you like or do not like?

In case these do not work, then you ask her right away. This way you will come to know about her feeling but it does require some courage on your part. As not everyone has it in them to ask a girl about her feelings right away.

  1. Things You Need to Say

This is an easy part. By now, she has already deduced or knows that you like her and consider her to be special. Now, it is time to figure out what you are going to tell her. For this, you just have to ask.

  • Go and tell her that you guys have been talking for a while now and that you really like her. Then ask her out for a movie.
  • Or you can say that you would love to go with her to the school dance event.
  • You can also invite her to your house to spend some time together. It has to be clear that you are asking her out on a date and not just hang around like friends.
  1. Asking the Girl to be Your Girlfriend

When you have come to know her and would like to ask her to become your girlfriend, one of the best things to do is be honest. It might be difficult to get yourself out there since there is a chance that you are going to be rejected. However, you might not ever find out if you do not ask.

  • Let her know that you like her more than just as a friend.
  • Try to be romantic with her. Write her a note, get her some flowers, and offer sincere compliments.
  • Ask if she would prefer being your girlfriend.
  1. Comfortable Situations

If you are lucky and the girl says yes, there are some ground rules that have to be established. This will make the situation comfortable for you both. As a matter of fact, it will keep you from getting hurt and you can avoid uncomfortable situations.

  • Instead of spending alone time more often, you should go out in groups.
  • Hang out together at home only when there is someone present there.
  • Make it a point not to flirt with other people. It might be an obvious point but you might lose focus. You do not obviously want to hurt your girlfriend and disrespect her self-esteem.
  • Talk to both of your parents regarding the guidelines they think needs to be in place. As you still have to depend on them for transportation, it is better to keep them involved in the conversation.


  • Make sure that you do not stray away from your friends in order to be with your girlfriend.
  • It is necessary to be ready in order to put someone else’s needs before your own. This might mean that you will not be able to do whatever you want, all the time.

Do not neglect your studies. If you take away study time to spend more time with your girlfriend then it might make you suffer from bad grades. This will is not going to be good for you in the long run.