If not for the great culinary activities associated with mint, you can have it as a source of fragrance and refreshing smell across your apartment. Growing min indoors is not difficult but it won’t happen on its own either. There are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind too. Let us check out 3 simple steps to keep in mind while growing one indoors.

  1. It is All about the Right Preparations

To start with you will need something not too special. An earthen pot or something made of PVC plastic; You could even use a box. Make note that there must be a small hole at the bottom to let excess water flow out. Many forget to do this and more than enough water is harmful. Second, you will need some good quality of soil suited for growing plant indoors. Do not just collect anything from the dirt outside. Mins can be grown from seeds and even buds so this is your next essential. Bring some seeds or buds from your nearest nursery or online. This does not matter with brands because you have to take care when growing and it just grows. Note that most of the time you get black textured soil these are rich in nutrients and made from organic fertilizers for the sake of growing plants. You can find them from a nursery pretty easily. You may even order them online if you can. One thing to note is that quantity, based on the size of pot you have got, you have to fill it nearly full but leave about one inch empty. So, take care. Also, the size of the pot need not be very big. Mint can be grown in a small pot quite easily as well.

  1. Mint is Grown Easily

So, having arranged all the right supplies, you have to begin with planting the seeds now. Pour the soil into the pot. Make note that when purchasing get the quantity of about half of the pot. Do not fill it completely with soil. Mostly, you get black soil for these. Leave about half more one inch empty while filling it with soil. If you have got buds, you have to carefully plant them in the soil. Better go with seeds and sprinkle them gently across the pot. It is that simple and straightforward here. Finish all your seeds from the pack. When purchasing a note that there are not too much or too fewer packs. The packets are packed in small quantities only. So, there is no problem of too many seeds and blocking the growth of the pant or anything, it is simple.

  1. Water the Plant and Take Care

Don’t forget to put a saucer made of the same plastic that you got the pot of. This is to retain any excess water you might have poured. As mentioned above already, you can even purchase the same as a set from your nursery. So, water the plant lightly. As you see the plant growing slightly increase the dosage of water. When the plant shows about 3 to five leaves, this is time to increase the dosage. When the plant seems full of leaves then you must start watering about twice a day. Take special care to keep it in a position where it can get a good portion of sunlight. Keep it at the window sill for example. Mint grows well in sunlight, not too excess of course. Cut a few leaves from the top and allow me eaves to grow. This harvesting will keep the plant healthy. If you like, split and replant into a second pot now.