In this all connected world, with electromagnetic waves surrounding you just like the air, nobody is safe.

Whether you are a celebrity or a partner to a jealous spouse, or in a household of strict parents, know that all that you do on your phone, all the pictures that you click, send, or the websites you visit, nothing is safe.

This article will be providing you with ways to hack pictures from a cell phone:-

  1. Access their Cloud Storage

Ever wondered how private pictures of celebrity pop up on your screen, even when they never intended for it to land on your screen. This ‘breaking and entering’ or sometimes not even breaking into somebody else’s phone is called Hacking.

  • Given are some ways to hack into a person’s phone, especially into the ‘gallery’, but even while writing this it is felt that loyalty and transparency can never be replaced by no matter how advanced technology comes.
  • These days everybody wishes to get on board with all the fast track technologies.
  • One of the ways to do this is an upgrade and equip yourself with new gadgets, and if you have money, why not.
  • One of the ways to not have to go through the cumbersome task of transferring your data is to put it on cloud services provided by various service providers.
  • Google cloud, iCloud is some of such services. One of the ways to get pictures from somebody else’s pictures is by logging into their cloud.
  • By accessing their cloud, you can get their pictures easily.
  1. Hacking into Their Email

Hacking on its face value seems like a negative term; although on its positive spin is something call Ethical hacking. To retrieve any information from a phone might feel like hacking, but what if you have lost it, or maybe somebody stole it.

You might be a concerned parent, worried about where your teenage ward is drifting off to, always in his/her virtual world or a concerned child scared of your parents being defrauded by cyber offenders.

  • There may be n number of reasons to retrieve pictures from a phone, both good and bad.
  • People these days use social media to share their pictures, but to have access to their pictures from all the devices, people use emails.
  • To access their email account is fairly easy and a quick way to get pictures.
  1. Cellular Provider

Some of the cellular providers allow easy access to their customers’ phone. While aiming to provide easy and fast services to their customers, companies like AT&T etc., sometimes prove to be the easiest way into a person’s phone.

  • A four-digit password combined with user ID allows you to enter and make a probe of that person’s device.
  • People don’t think much while choosing a four-digit code and is more than often their birth year, or a combination of their date of birth, first four digits of their social security etc.
  • The lack of security installed might come in handy for a hacker.
  1. Spoof Their Phone

Spoofing basically means making a copy of their phone.  You must have seen this as a part of many thriller and crime movies when either the investigation authorities or the criminal makes a copy of a person’s phone by imitating their digital signature.

  • These days, many spoofing techniques and apps are freely available and spoofing a phone is not as hard or technical as it might look in the movies.
  • This makes the job so much easier because after spoofing, the sender is tricked into sending the pictures directly to your device rather than it traveling through various devices.
  • Be very much aware while spoofing into someone’s phone, otherwise all of the data can be delete. And you won’t be able to restore the data once it is delete.
  1. Install Spyware Apps Like Cocospy

Such apps help you to manipulate and monitor the host’s phone very easily without having to jailbreak it or connecting to it frequently.

  • These apps work very smoothly and have millions of joined cell phones.
  • To hack a phone, all you need to do is install such an app, ask them to connect into their iCloud account.
  • And then hide the icon so that they never know that you are the spy.
  • If you will not hide the icon, then the person can come to know that there is something going on his phone.
  • You might be a victim of hacking or you may be the person hacking, all things are good unless used in a bad way.


  • Hacking comes in easy these days, and all the devices having an internet connection is prone to such hacking.
  • Choose your service provider carefully.
  • Install high security, usually paid security apps to secure your intellectual property.

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