It is common to see CCTV cameras today.

Almost every location including public buildings, educational institutions, companies, and houses are secured with multiple camerasWhile ethical hacking is developing gradually every day, so is the case of illegal onesAnd also, being informed about such methods can keep you safe from getting hacked.

  1. Study the Camera in the Technical Aspect

First of all, you have to understand the working of the system. The more you analyze the whole procedure and processing, the more idea you get about operating it.

  • For this, try to get the information about the manufacturing and production company of the system, the model information, the software used, etc.
  • Once you gather all the necessary information, visit their respective websites, collect manuals and catalogs and start reading.
  • As you get more informed about the working and other technical aspects, you will find any loopholes or method on which the system can be hacked.
  • One has to have basic ideas about such technical activities to grasp the information more effectively.
  1. Use IP Detection Software

Most of the school cameras will be connected to a broadband connection. You have to download the IP detection software and collect information about the IP address of the CCTV device.

  • There are ports which are used by most users with cameras available on the Internet; you just have to configure it. Then choose from fetchers the web detector option and enter the IP range you can know the main details of the desired device connected to the broadband internet connection.
  • Once you get this information, you could follow the first step that is to fully study the system and then program it accordingly. After this process, you will get access to the login page of the system.
  1. Using Default Passwords to Gain Entry

In most cases, the password and username of the camera device will be the default ones from the manufacturers. Hence, detailed research will let you stumble upon the companies default password somewhere.

  • And regarding the username, default ones are mostly the system/companies name. Well, this could also be done without the IP detection application if the CCTV device is available online and you would not have to go through the whole tedious process.
  • But this method comes with low chances of success as not as everyone will keep the default password, also since the cameras in institutions such as schools are installed by highly skilled professionals.
  1. Cracking the Login Details

If the username and password are customized then the next option left is to crack it. Brute force attacking is a type of simple and powerful tool for such cracking methods.

  • In this method, the user who is trying to get access to a website or server uses Brute force attack which is a continuous action where it tries out a combination of all the possible passwords and usernames till it eventually finds the suitable one.
  • After cracking the login details you can get direct access to the CCTV device. There are also other software and applications to carry out the cracking process.
  1. Using Professional Hackers

In this process, you are hiring someone technically experienced to do the hacking process for you. The advantage in this method is that you might not have to go through any of the technical processes mentioned above, the hacker or the team of hackers will do it all for you.

  • The team might also have their own equipment or software and devices which can be used to carry out the process smoothly. But at the same time hiring someone for these kinds of unethical activities might have its fair share of consequences.
  • Also, these works are done through payment that might require a huge amount of money which also increases the risk factor of such activities. At the same time, you might face the troubles even if the hired hackers get caught while doing anything illegal with the school cameras.
  1. Using Websites to Hack CCTV Devices

There are certain websites out there that offer help to those looking for hacking cameras. Some websites have already hacked systems which are accessible through their site pages to the viewers.


  • While other sites have a list of CCTV manufacturing companies and the data collection of the location of their cameras in several countries which also includes the IP address and port configurations. You just have to register on such a site, then choose the desired CCTV device and enter login details. But for this, you must first have the credentials with you.

Hacking a school camera, in reality, can put you in trouble, but here are some steps about the process for informational purposes.

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