Nothing is better than a can of cold drinks on a hot summer day or a pack of munchies when you are literally starving.

Especially the ones which you need to have to refill your energy before the next class beginsBut, what do you do when you have no change or you are broke? Resorting to the best idea of hacking the vending machine is not only an imagination anymore.

  1. Use the Code for Free Nesquik Drinks

Vending machines have been quite popular and it needs to be so too. But the real tease begins when there is anything that is held up in the machine and it faces some serious malfunctions.

  • While hacking a vending machine is clearly an act of stealing, still hacking it feels much like retribution, punishing the machine for all the times it did wrong to you in any manner. But the actual question here is how to actually hack a vending machine?
  • If you find a coin-operated Nesquick vending machine anywhere near you and you could really use chocolate milk that is refreshing and cool, use the code in order to get a drink that is free: 44455544455.
  • The numbers coincide with the 4th or the option button of the 5th drink. After you input these numbers, you just have to select your drink. Also, the code 137137137 sometimes works on other models with keypads.
  1. Take Your Cash Back

For this trick, you will need some paper money along with packing tape.

  • Just like the string and the older coin trick which rarely works, you have to stick the tape at one end of the note and put it inside the machine.
  • Once the machine gets the amount inside it, you have to use the pull-out technique and get yourself a free drink or snack.
  1. Free Change from Soda Machines

If you are looking for some free change, all you need is an old soda machine somewhere nearby like a Coca-Cola vending machine.

  • Once you find it, press the code 432112311 and keep holding the lever until you hear the sound of the coins.
  1. Set Your Own Price

Have you seen the new Pepsi machines that come with really big buttons? You can obtain a drink that is free from such machines.

  • This trick makes you set the cost for each drink and you want to buy and needless to say, 0 is the best price for anything.
  • Use the code 298388 to get a free Pepsi from the machine and get on with your day. You can also use code 42313214321 which might work on some other machines.
  1. Trick the Conveyer Belt Coke Machines Easily

When you come across a conveyer belt machine and could really use some free drinks to boost up your day, you can trick the machine and get free drinks.

  • All you have to do is insert the money and choose the drink of your choice, and then put pressure inside the machine which will ultimately confuse it.
  • Once it returns your money back to you, you can repeat this process until you get all the drinks you want.
  1. Tricking the Soda and Snack Machines that are Old

Just like the tricking method explained above, this requires you to push up on the gate or door at the bottom of the machine so it thinks that it hasn’t dispensed anything even when it really did.

  • After waiting for a few moments, you are free to select another item or you could also get a refund with the built-in coin return mechanism of the machine. This is not a very foolproof method but might work for you.
  1. Tricking Gumball Machines

These methods legitimately look like methods to crack the Coke or the Candy machine, at the same time; the other hacks seem too good to be true. Even if none of it works, you’ve got nothing to lose, so this method also can be tried.

  • With a bit of luck, you can get trick gumball machines (preferably an older one). All you have to do is take a small coin and wrap layers of foil over it to make it look bigger and valuable.

Above are some hacks that have a fair chance to work for you.


  • Well, to be quite frank and honest, you may not want to extort to ideas that may let the authorities know what you are up to so you may as well let go of the idea of kicking or hitting it; don’t even think anywhere close to drilling or screwing it until you want the whole school to view your show.

Also, as there are a lot of types of a vending machine like the coin-up, contactless, credit/debit card, there is no particular code that is bound to work on all of them.

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