Any Vending Machine is a God send when you are hungry or thirsty in the middle of a road, however, it can also be a cumbersome menace when your money is stuck inside and it does not give you the goodies.

So your cheating into the machine’s system is more of retribution than hackingThis tells you how to do so.

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  1. Take-Back-Cash

The original coin and a string have known to not work for many and have often given hackers the slip, yet this trick is to work for sure. All you need are a few essentials and you are good to go.

  • All one needs is paper money and some packing tape and similarly one has to put in the cash for the machine to register.
  • Next, as soon as the machine registers the note, pull out the note inserted and lo! We have a free snack.
  1. Old Soda Machines

For those who are able to find in their neighborhood an old soda vending machine may find this hack useful when in need of some easy spare change. For this follow the instructions below.

  • If you’re looking for cash out of an old soda machine, you need not go further than the keypad of the machine.
  • Enter the code 432112311 in the keypad and press down the charge lever. Keep pressing until the sound of coins dispensing is heard.
  • Collect the coins and enjoy.
  1. Get More For Less

All those gumball machines that look super-attractive seem expensive for a bit of candy? Fret no more as these gumball machines can also be tricked into thinking that you are paying more for less.

  • Firstly get some tin foil and wrap it over a small coin and continue to hope that your luck turns out to be good.
  • Enter the coin into the machine and it will thing that you have entered a coin of higher value. Generally due to its thickness.
  • Though this does not always work, it is a possible method of getting more for less.
  1. Fake Coins

It is a far cry that this method will work, but if there is a chance of getting something for free, why not go for it. All you need are good crafting and origami skills to pull out this trick.

  • Similar to the process of adding a foil on the coin, this method takes it a step further. However, you need extremely good luck and an extremely old machine.
  • Instead of wrapping a foil on a real coin, craft one out of cardboard or paper and insert.
  • This will primarily only work with the old machine, however then the chances are very few and it is up to the luck of the trickster to execute this neat trick.
  1. Hold the Gate

If you are into free stuff and do not like to pay for the vending machines or like to take more and pay less. All you need to do is follow the hack given below and you might just have a chance to get something extra.

  • First, search for an old vending machine that has sensors also on its gate. It is a necessary requirement for this hack.
  • Next, insert the cash as one normally would and make a choice of an item to take. Do this process in the usual way. The magic happens in the next step.
  • Instead of idly waiting for the machine to release the item, hold the gate before it dispenses the item.
  • As it falls it rests on the back of the gate, making it thing that nothing fell. Wait for a while you may get a free snack.
  1. Nesquik Machine

If you have in your neighborhood one of that delicious chocolate milk dispensing machine you are in need of a free tasty drink, you may find this hack useful.

  • When you encounter a Nesquik vending machine in the future, enter the following code, 44455544455, it is the same as the 4th and 5th button.
  • After pressing, opt for the drink you want. The code 137137137, may also work for a few machines.
  1. Hack into a Coke Machine

We all know the coke machines and when we see them we obviously want more and more out of them, so this hack not only provides the same, rather it gives you even more; full access to the machine and its controls.

  • First, make sure that the machine has a LED display in it. The display should be scrolling in nature and not static flicking display. If it displays just the price, the trick may not necessarily work.
  • Figure out the method of data entry in the machine, which will generally comprise of, keypad with large buttons in the middle with 2 rows and 3 options in them. IT also may contain rectangle buttons on the right.
  • In order to access the debug menu, use the code 4321, or if it has 2 rows press, 54321.
  • On the entry of the buttons in the given sequence accordingly, one may see the message as ERROR. If one does not, the machine may have overcome this bug. If it has not, hope still remains to give you full control of the machine.


  • All these hacks, in order to ensure that are done easily and scot-free, need to be done in busy streets or public places where it may go unnoticed.

These hacks do not work on all machines and hence it is necessary, in order to hack, that the necessary requirements need to be upheld and even then the chance may be that the hack will not work.

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