When you lost the key of a door and it is locked.

And you have tried picking the lock and pushing the door openBumping a lock is an amazing technique, where a locksmith strikes the lock at least 20 times and with any luck it gets unlocked.

But when nothing works power drill is a very common and easy method that is used to open the locked door. But it should only be applied when you have tried everything, this should be the last resort.

Drilling out a lock will destroy the lock mechanism. Today we shall look into how to drill out a lock.

Understanding the lock

There are different types of locks. Some may have hard steel inside the tubular lock and some may have the ball bearing. These types of tubular locks prevent drilling. So the drilling method will not work in both these cases.

Here understanding the lock type is very important before drilling it out. You must have some experience in this area or can get some guidance from a professional locksmith to understand the lock.

Here is the step by step procedure to drill out a lock successfully.

You will need:

  • A Power Drill
  • Different sizes of drill bits
  • A hammer
  • Work gloves
  • A Screw Driver
  • Machine Lubricant

Step 1: Prepare your power drill

Wear your work gloves and get started. You will need a well-maintained power drill that is easy to carry. Power drills come with different types and sizes of drill bits that you can fill into the drill. Start with a slightly smaller bit to drill out the lock. This will help to drill just the lock and not damaging other areas.

Step 2: Create some space for the drilling

You can use a hammer and thick nail to create some space for drilling the lock. Take the hammer and hit the nail on the keyhole. This will guide the drill to the exact point, the point where all the pin tumblers are.

Step 3: Apply some lubricant

You can use lubricant spray to the keyhole that will help the drilling process. It will smooth the surface and the drill bit will not get stuck or get jammed inside.

Step 4: Start Drilling

Plug the power drill in and start drilling through the lock. The pin tumblers inside the lock may create resistance therefore you should drill slowly. Apply some more lubricant if you feel the drill bit is stuck. Keep your hand still and focused while drilling because you don’t want to damage the property while this process.

Step 5: Go Deeper inside the lock with the drill

The lock may have more than 5 pin tumblers. You can change the size of the drill bit to a slightly thicker one and start drilling again and go deeper slowly. You have to reverse the drilling for 2-3 times to draw out the inside metal of the lock. You can use a screwdriver to change the direction of the keyhole and start drilling again.

Step 6: Unlocked

After the drilling process is complete try opening the lock with the help of a screwdriver. If it is unlocked then your job here is done. If it still stuck at a point you may need to use a thicker drill bit and drill through the lock again.

Step 7: Install the new Lock

When your locked area is finally unlocked, get the new lock ready. Remove the drilled lock that is now destroyed and non-reusable. You can use the screwdriver to take out the screws and install a new lock at the door. You cannot just risk the security by leaving a drilled lock. Therefore replacing it with a secure lock would be a professional and credible approach. Make sure to keep the keys safe this time.

Care Tip:

Always remember that drills and other tools like this are power tools. Power tools require some good training before using them. So use the drill out a lock only if you have a certain experience of using this tool before.

Otherwise, we always recommend professional help. Get a proper technician to carry out the job. It is important to save yourself from physical harm and property damage.

Again, it is always important to have a spare key to every lock you have. Remember that the drilling process will damage the lock entirely and it will not be reusable again.

So use this method as a last option after trying picking the lock, pushing and bumping technique, and consulting with a locksmith. Your safety is very important while using the drill so be extra careful.

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