Pendulums aren’t only utilized for clocks to see time but they are used for spiritual and decorative purposes.

Making a pendulum is perfect for DIY Science projects that wouldn’t cost too much. It only requires a few things such as a strong string and weight.

If you’re thinking of making your Pendulum at home, this guide will help you in making a cost-friendly pendulum with a few supplies.

How to make a Pendulum the Easy Way?

You’ll need:

  • Marker
  • Scale
  • Book
  • 15-20 cm long string
  • Pencil and paper
  • Pendulum


Use a 12-inch scale and place it on a flat desk. Make sure that the table should have an open area under so your pendulum can swing freely.

Use a book or a heavy item and put it on top of the ruler.

Use a string and tie it at the end of the ruler. Your ruler should be strong enough to withstand the weight of the weight.

Suspend the pendulum to the string and swing it.

By varying the length of the string, you can observe the speed at which the pendulum swings and record the results for the science project.

Making a Pendulum for Dowsing

You can also make a pendulum for spiritual practices like dowsing. The term “dowsing” would be unfamiliar to you. It refers to the use of a pendulum to give you a yes/no answer to questions you don’t have answers for.

In ancient times, people used to dowse to find water in a well. In present, it has been used for searching stones and metal deposits and even weapons in Vietnam.

Some believe that they feel a stronger connection to the pendulum they have made. It’s the same as a normal pendulum but the only difference is the pendulum used.

It comes in unique shapes and sizes be it wood, ceramic, teardrops, etc. Choose the one that defines your aura.

How to Make a Pendulum for Dowsing?

No need to buy a pendulum when you can make a beautiful pendulum at home.

Instead of a regular circular pendulum, you can use a pendant-style pendulum that channels your spirituality. It could be something like your favorite necklace that you always wear.

You can use the chain of the necklace and use it to make your customized pendulum.

Most people prefer a crystal that is attached to a chain as it has holistic properties. Attach the pendulum to the string and check where the pendulum achieves equilibrium.

It’s an excellent practice to clean the pendulum after every use. Even if it’s brand new, clean it to remove any energy it has collected.

This will help in giving better results since there wouldn’t be any interference of energies that may lead to wrong results.

Keep it under sunlight for 24 hours and rub it using any oil. And voila, your pendulum is ready to use.

How does the Pendulum work for Dowsing?

Once you’ve successfully designed your pendulum, know how to use it. Before you start, make sure you’ve put aside all of your doubts.

Hold the pendulum through the string by using your thumb and index finger. You can also attach a metallic ring or loop at the chain’s top that would make it easier for you to hold.

Hold the pendulum chain gently and start swinging your pendulum with the other hand. When the pendulum comes to a stop, be very relaxed, and figure out the yes/no response.

Ask yourself in your heart “Give me a yes response.” Once you figure out the yes response. Try determining the no response. It’s normal if you can’t differentiate between a yes or no response because it will take time and patience.

You can ask questions to the pendulum such as “is my favorite color blue”, “is the day Friday” and many other questions to check how the pendulum responds to it.

Once you get the hang of it, you can ask questions regarding your personal life. You can also use it to try out various activities such as navigating people or locating something.

All-in-all, the pendulum is one of the perfect divination tools that can help you practice meditation and other holistic practices.

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