Rubber band balls are a fun way to keep an interesting activity in your hands and keep all the rubber bands safe in one place.

If you want to know how to start a rubber band ball and how to build it up to a sturdy sphere, then keep on reading.

Make A Base:

The first thing is first, you need a solid base to start your rubber band ball on. There are several ways to create a base.

It just has to have a solid shape that you can wrap several rubber bands without distorting its shape. Here are the three ways to make a rubber band ball base.

  • You can use a sturdy ping pong ball as the base of your rubber band ball. To prevent the rubber bands from slipping you can add a slight coat of glue to the ball. This base will allow you to make a bigger rubber band ball with fewer amounts of rubber bands as ping pong balls already have a diameter of around 1.57”.
  • Another way is to use a ball made up of aluminum foil. The best part about this base is that the material is always easily available at home. Roll the foil into a ball and adjust the size according to your preference. You can make various sizes of rubber band balls with an aluminum foil base.
  • In case there is no other material available, you can bunch up a few rubber bands together and start covering it with smaller rubber bands wrapped up on each other. Once it takes a shape, start stretching out suitable sized rubber bands on top to create a ball.

Chose The Right Material:

There are several different kinds of materials that are used to make rubber bands. Some are made up of natural rubber, some are made up of silicone, while some are made up of synthetic rubber. All materials have different stretching abilities and strengths.

Synthetic rubber bands are more durable than natural rubber bands, which make them a better option for rubber band balls. Silicone bands are also apt for making sturdy rubber band balls.

Build It Up:

Once you have a base ready and the right material selected, you can start building up your rubber band ball.

Initially, you will have to twist the rubber band two to three times to fit the size of your base. Make sure the overlapping areas on the rubber band are all not on the same point as it can deform the ball.

In short, keep alternating the axis for a uniform sphere. Thick rubber bands are ideal for making a rubber band ball as they have a better grip and strength than the thinner alternatives.

Play With Different Colors:

You do not have to spend a lot of money, buying specific rubber bands. You can gather different sizes and colors of rubber bands from packaging at home.

You also ask your friends if they have any spare rubber bands lying around to facilitate your hobby.

Using different colored rubber bands is always a good idea as a monotonous rubber band ball can look dull and boring.

Bright colors like, red, blue, pink, yellow, and green mixed with the average beige color bands will make your rubber band ball a lot vibrant. Use alternative directions to give your ball some dimension.

Different Uses:

A lot of people make rubber band balls just as a hobby but the fun fact is, you can always turn your spare time activities into something useful.

Here are the several ways in which you can utilize your rubber band balls:

  • Use your colorful rubber band balls as Christmas tree ornaments. They will be unique and will add a touch of personality to your Christmas tree.
  • Silicone rubber band balls can be used as stress balls. They are a bit harder than your average stress balls; therefore they can also strengthen your hand muscles while you play with them.
  • They are also an efficient way of keeping your rubber bands organized in once place, while also keeping yourself busy in your spare time.
  • Smaller rubber band balls can also be turned into key chains for your bags, keys, and cards. This will earn you a lot of compliments on your creativity, and you might even be able to start a small crafty business with this.

Stay Safe:

A lot of times rubber bands can snap and break. This can hurt delicate parts of your face like eyes or lips and cause a bruise. Do not overstretch a rubber band to prevent any mishap from happening.

You can make different sized balls to build your collection, use it as an ornament, or keep all your rubber bands organized.

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