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Whether it is for Halloween or some other prank, fake teeth can be a fun way to add some extra effects in your nightThe task of making fake teeth might seem a little daunting at first but we are here to help guide you through the processDown below is a step by step process of how to make fake teeth.

There are also some things included in the process that require a little precaution. Firstly, always wear gloves and stay safe.

What you will need:

  • Water
  • Polymorph plastic
  • Spoon
  • Superglue
  • Scissor
  • Gloves

Steps on How To Make Fake Teeth

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  • Gum

The first step is the formation of the fake gum to do that you need some polymorph plastic. Poly morph plastic can be easily found in supermarts. It is available in the form of pellets. Dip the tiny plastic pellets into a glass of water. This is necessary if you want the pellets to turn into a clay-like plastic.

Secondly, take a mug full of water and heat it at around 60-62 degrees Celsius. Once done, pour the water in a glass. Now take your pellets and drop them into the hot water. Let them stay in there until the pellets turn transparent. Once they are transparent, take a spoon and pull the material out. It will have formed a clay-like structure.

Take a small ball out of it and drop the rest back inside. Use food coloring to make it pink or slightly red. Now take that piece of plastic and shape it over your upper gum. Thin it out and spread it all over your gums. Let it stay for a while to get the perfect shape. Voila, you have a gum shaped liked yours ready.

  • Teeth

Now the main part. Making teeth is very easy. You can start by using the rest of the transparent plastic inside the water. Take some out and make fang-like teeth. You can make as many as you like. As you keep making them, leave them on to dry. As they dry, they will start turning white from transparent. Make sure that the teeth you create are not too big or too pointy. If they are too pointy, they will push into your lower gum and will be a pain. Use a scissor to trim the teeth and make them appropriate size.

Now once all your teeth are created, start by placing them on top of your makeshift gum. Hook them on the gum first and place it in your mouth Check if the size of the teeth is fine or not. If it’s not, then get to trimming. Once you are satisfied with the size and shape of the teeth you can move on to sticking them on.

  • Stick it

This is the part where you will be using the superglue. Before we get into it, it is very necessary to put on gloves. The superglue if stuck to your skin can be hard to get rid of. The entire process of getting it off your skin can be long and painful so always wear gloves before you handle superglue. Now, put the glue on the upper ends of the teeth and start sticking them on your makeshift gum. Make sure that the pointy side is downwards. Keep gluing the teeth on your gum until you are all out of teeth.

  • Gum Again

Now we will take another small ball of plastic and put some food color in it. You are fine once it resembles your initial gum. Now take the ball and roll it out. Put the new roll on top of the teeth. This will be done right where the teeth start to that the edges can be hidden. This way it won’t look lie your teeth are sticking out. They will be hidden behind the layer of your new gum strip. After that, glue the new strip on and let it dry. Never put it on when the glue is wet. Always let the glue dry out first or it can be very hazardous.

Don’t worry if there is any excess plastic that is troubling you from the edges. Simply get your scissors and trim it according to your jaw.

  • Effects

By now your fake set of teeth is ready. Last of all, if you want to give it some extra effects, then try painting it. You can pain it in a ton of ways depending upon your character. For a Dracula, paint the incisors red. If you want something revolting, then paint the top of the teeth yellowish. You will be once the paint dries. Voila! Your fake teeth are ready to go.

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