A Taurus woman is also known to be the Venusian Goddess of love. Female Taurean is very strong headed and self-driven. She knows what she wants and she knows how to get it. She is very sure about her feelings most of the time. Given below are some ways to attract a Taurus woman to become your partner:

  1. Be Patient

A Taurus woman would never like to rush into love. She tends to take quite a time in knowing the person she will be investing and time her energy into.

  • You need to give her time, do not force meaningless conversations with her.
  • Take time to become friends with her, build an equation with a good amount of time trust between both of you.
  • Do not be afraid of getting a strong bond of friendship, it is only the first step to being close to her and ever getting to date her in the future.
  1. Build a Level of Comfort

Comfort is the most important thing in any relationship. For a Taurus woman to be attracted to you, she needs to feel comfortable around you.

  • Do not try to play her, any shady or suspicious attitude will make her wary of you.
  • Communicate your feelings directly. Do not be afraid to express yourself.
  • Be honest about any opinions or feelings that you share with her.
  1. Do Not Act or Pretend to be Hard to be with

Owing to their straightforward personality, Taurus women dislike it when a guy plays around or pretends to be hard to deal or be with.

  • Show her that you are available for her.
  • Be vocal about how to feel for her as much as you in reality do, it will make her feel appreciated and more she will be more drawn towards you.
  • Do not throw unnecessary tantrums.
  1. Be Romantic

Romance is important in every relationship. A Taurean woman is highly romantic and likes to feel emotions with a lot of intensity.

  • Do little gestures for her. Make her feel loved and wanted.
  • Be chivalrous. A Taurus woman finds that to be extremely important in order to be attracted towards him.
  • Do not force romance upon yourself to impress her. Being a romantic she will know if you’re faking romance to woo her.
  1. Be Well-Dressed

She will pay attention to how you dress so if you are interest in a Taurean female, make sure you are well dress as she will observe that.

  • Wear the colors she likes.
  • Do not overdress.
  • Be stylish.
  1. Be Disciplined

Taurean women hate in discipline and no routine. They like it when things are organized and are and there is no chaos. Taurus women will prefer a man who is as organized as her.

  • Plan outings with her and do not be flaky about them.
  • Do not bail out of plans she makes, she makes. It’s a big turn off for any Taurean female.
  • Respect her time and your time and plans that are made.
  1. Be Connected to Her on Social Media

Not many Taureans are a big fan of being active on social media but if you manage to stay in touch with them and bring up good conversations, you might as well turn out to be chat buddies!

  • Text her and check up on her quite often.
  • You can start the conversation with a joke or a funny meme, she will love that.
  • Do not send creepy good night or good morning messages. They’re stupid and she might not even reply.
  1. Pamper Her

A Taurus woman may act all strong-headed and independent, but everyone likes a little pampering.

  • Make her feel loved and appreciated.
  • Support her when she’s down and or when she’s not feeling good.
  • Taurus woman does not necessarily throw tantrums but if she does, be patient and talk to her rather than criticize her for it.
  1. Strike Good Conversations

A Taurus woman is attracted to a man who knows what he is talking about.

  • Strike meaningful conversations with her.
  • Know what interests her and what does not.
  • Never shy from putting up your opinions on a topic.
  1. Do Not Disrespect Anyone Around Her

For any zodiac sign, disrespecting anyone is a turn-off. When you are with a Taurus woman, do not disrespect anyone who is around you both.

  • Be humble.
  • In a group, if you want to act funny and joke around with someone, make sure you are just joking around and not belittling anyone.
  • Do not abuse anyone even she dislikes.
  1. Be Decisive

A Taurus woman would need her man to be decisive about things.

  • Be firm about the decisions you make, do not overthink.
  • If you need her advice, ask for it. She will feel like she holds some good value in your life.
  • Do not force any of your decisions on her.
  1. Support Her Decisions

A Taurus woman overthinks a lot. So when she makes a decision, she will tend to overthink a lot about it.

  • Support her decisions.
  • Assure her that she’ll be fine and that you will be there to support her through everything.
  • Let her know the pros and cons of her decision.
  1. Do Not Cross Personal Boundaries

A Taurus woman will ensure that no matter how close you are, your personal boundaries will remain intact.

  • Do not question her past or make her feel guilty for her decisions.
  • Always support her but do not ask questions you know she will not be willing to answer.
  • Talk her through her personal issues if she needs you, but try not too opinionated about them in front of her in a bad moment.
  1. Take Her Out on Dates

As you both are friends, take her out on friendly dates. Make sure you go somewhere comfortable in the initial part of your courtship. It is always an excellent idea to spend as much time as you can. Because the more time you will spend with her the more she will get to know about you and she may start feeling attached to you. But don’t ask her very often for dates. Otherwise, it may become very common for her. And she may even friend zone you.

  • Order good food that you know you both prefer to eat.
  • Do not force her to have a drink with you.
  • If you feel like you had a good time with her, convey it to her.
  1. Be Funny

All women love humorous guys and Taurean women are a big fan of guys with humor.

  • Crack jokes when you are with her. But make sure that your jokes are not very lame. There is a possibility that she may even get annoyed by your joke. So don’t cross your limit.
  • Do not joke beyond a limit as it gets boring.
  • Ensure you do not make any stupid dirty jokes with her as it is a big turn off.
  • Don’t offend her, that is don’t make a joke on her, girls usually don’t like this.
  1. Be Nice to Her Friends

A Taurus woman is very selective about her friends and she really likes it if her partner feels good about her friends.

  • If you want her to like you, you need to be polite to her friends.
  • Keep asking her how things are between her and her friends.
  • Do not expect her to choose between the two of you.
  1. After a While of Getting Close, Do Tell Her How You Feel

After a Taurus woman and you are close enough, she probably will be attracted to you. But what is most important is her having knowledge of your feelings. You can give her hints that you like her. It is not always a good idea to tell her directly. And if you are going to tell her directly then make sure that you are letting her know about your feelings on a very special occasion.

  • Directly communicate your feelings to her so that she knows you are not playing around.
  • Ask her about how she feels for you.
  • Do not force her to confess and give her whatever time she needs as relationships are a big investment.
  1. Pay Attention to Things that Matter to Her

When you are interested in a Taurus woman is interested in you, you should pay attention to all the things and details that actually matter to her. Be aware of her surprised your likes and dislikes, and she will be take aback on when she realizes that you do care for her beyond a normal level.

  • Do not always ask her about her likes and dislikes. It will look like a lot of effort and she might back off. The art of noticing and observing works here.
  • Try introducing her to things she might like more, as it will bring up a new fun aspect to your relationship with her.
  • Do not force any likes of yours on her.
  • Do not ask her to do things which she is not interest in. otherwise, it may have adverse effects. There is a possibility that she may even start ignoring you if you will force her to do something that she does not like at all.


  • Any relationship involves a good amount of investment. While trying to woo a Taurus woman, you will have to be a friend to her first. Be a friend with all honesty and make her feel secure and comfortable around you.
  • Pamper her and make her feel the love and liking you have for her. Make sure she knows that you need her to be a part of her life. Playing around won’t help anyone.

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Have mutual respect for one another. Do not cross personal boundaries and support and respect each other through anything you both need. Remember, if you are not being respected enough, you need to walk away. Taurus woman does not like men who cannot stand their ground and have no sense of self-respect.

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